First Page Consultants boosts sales of a Filtration Brand by 51.31% in 2 months

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    Motorbike Accessories & Parts

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    United States




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Monthly Time Saved by Agency

The Agency

First Page Consultants is a leading agency specializing in Amazon advertising. Their experienced team excels in creating effective campaigns that drive results, leveraging great expertise in Amazon Ads, and staying ahead of trends. From startups to enterprises, they offer personalized services to meet diverse business needs. With a data-driven approach and incredible commitment to client success, First Page Consultants ensures brands shine in Amazon’s vast marketplace.

The Brand

The brand featured in this case study is a leader in aftermarket automotive filtration. They offer high-quality products for professional auto service providers, covering oil, air, cabin, fuel, and transmission filters. They have expanded into heavy-duty, power sports, and specialty automotive applications, building its reputation for innovation and excellence.

Objectives and Challenges

First-page consultants were confronted with the challenge of enhancing the sales of their client brand. They recognized that to achieve this goal, they needed to fine-tune their bidding strategies and adjust budgets dynamically throughout the day, leveraging detailed insights. However, executing these tasks manually demanded significant time and effort from the agency.

In order to overcome this obstacle, they sought a platform capable of providing granular-level reporting across various metrics, specifically tailored to optimizing bids and budgets intraday. This solution would enable them to streamline their processes and adhere to their standard operating procedures (SOP) while reducing the need for manual intervention and tasks.

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Our partnership with Adbrew has been revolutionary. By leveraging Adbrew's tools, we achieved exceptional results in advancing our client's account, with an impressive increase in sales in just two months. Not only did automation save us more than 80 hours of manual effort monthly, but it also allowed us to focus on strategic processes. From dayparting to automated rulesets, Adbrew provided the complete solution we needed to streamline operations and maximize results. I am extremely happy with our partnership with Adbrew and the tangible impact we have had on our clients.
Hitesh First page consultants
Hitesh A.
Founder, First Page Consultants

The Solution

First Page Consultants, with the help Adbrew opted to the following solutions to overcome the challenges they were facing.

Harnessing Intraday Optimization Opportunity

First Page consultants wanted a platform that could help them obtain granular-level insights so that the agency could optimize its brands based on the performance of particular hours. By utilizing the Adbrew Dayparting capability, they could not only analyze hourly data but also gain insight into performance variations across different hours on different days of the week. First Page Consultant began to see results by optimizing various factors such as bids, placements, and budget by implementing a dayparting strategy.

Achieving Operational Efficiency Through Bid and Negative Ruleset Automation

First Page Consultants benefited from Adbrew’s automation tools, utilizing both the Automated Bidding Ruleset and Negative Targeting Ruleset. The Automated Bidding Ruleset optimized their account, considering various factors and saving over 40 man-hours monthly. This automation adhered to existing SOPs while enhancing target optimization. Additionally, the Negative Targeting Ruleset prevented wasteful spending by identifying ineffective terms and adding them as negatives. Together, these tools streamlined campaign management, improved efficiency, and ensured resources were allocated effectively, leading to superior results for First Page Consultants.

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Identifying and Implementing Insights Recommended by Adbrew

First Page Consultants optimized the brand’s account using Adbrew’s Smart Recommendations and Account Audit feature. Over 38,000 Smart Recommendations were implemented, identifying underperforming targets and highlighting high-performing search terms lacking specific match types. The Account Audit feature uncovered growth opportunities by pinpointing effective targeting and campaign types, crucial for managing the brand’s extensive portfolio of 1600+ ASINs. This comprehensive approach allowed the agency to efficiently manage campaigns, target effectively, and capitalize on growth opportunities, ultimately enhancing the brand’s performance and ROI.


  • First Page Consultants saved 80+ hours of monthly time that they would have otherwise spent on leveraging all the levers to increase sales manually. They only spent time defining the plan. Its implementation was done by Adbrew’s automation.
  • By leveraging Adbrew’s advanced AI solution, First Page Consultants were able to achieve the desirable results. They managed to increase the sales of their client by 51.31% in 2 months.

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