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For accounts with monthly ad spend upto USD 10K.

  • Custom Rules and PPC Automation
  • Keyword Harvesting
  • Campaign Launcher
  • Dayparting
  • Advanced Reports
Managed Services

Starts at


Minimum monthly ad spend of USD 50K.

  • Expert Consultation
  • Holistic PPC optimization on Amazon
  • Bi-weekly 1:1s and detailed reporting on KPIs
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Minimum 6-month commitment

“The capabilities given by Adbrew are unparalleled. The ability to monitor all the accounts consistently, ease of analytics, and insights has been excellent. Automation and features like Share of Voice (SOV), Campaign Launcher, etc. have been vital in increasing our brands' visibility by 63% and our sales on Amazon saw an increase of 56.9%. With Adbrew, we are able to easily identify optimization opportunities, and trends in the market with just a few clicks. In terms of growth, Totalyty and the portfolio we manage have been constantly progressing. Partnering up with Adbrew has been a great decision.”


Warren Coxall


“We have been using Adbrew for around 9 months and it is a phenomenal tool that does everything as advertised. We could automate many repetitive actions such as bid updates, keyword research, negation, etc and save manual hours. Our team now can control multiple ad optimization levers on a single platform giving us better control. The reporting dashboard is extremely insightful and allows us to monitor important KPIs which are hard to fetch otherwise. The entire team at Adbrew has been immensely supportive since the beginning. With Adbrew, we've been able to improve profit margins for multiple brands, while saving time.”


Upesh Verma

Increase in Sales
Decrease in ACOS
Brands & Agencies
Bids Optimised


It entirely depends on your scale and use-case. If your ad-spend is below $10K/mo, and you do not require hourly data, the Starter plan should suffice. If you have a higher ad-spend or are looking to leverage hourly data, you should opt for the Professional Plan.

In the Starter plan, no. In the Professional plan, you'll be charged a percentage of monthly ad-spend or $499, whichever is higher. Feel free to chat with us to understand what the percentage might be for your use-case and scale. It typically starts at 3% and decreases for higher ad-spends.

You can add unlimited number of users to your Adbrew account.

The only additional charge is for tracking Share of Voice. The add-on charges are $50 per 25 keywords per month. If your use-case requires tracking of 200 keywords or more, reach out to us for a customised quote.

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