6 Post Black Friday Tips for Amazon Sellers to Sustain Momentum


The rush of Black Friday and Cyber Monday might be over, but the opportunity for continued sales growth extends beyond these big events days. To ensure your business capitalizes on this momentum, it’s crucial to use effective post-sales strategies.

In this blog, we will share 6 post Black Friday tips for Amazon sellers which will help you to sustain and build upon the success of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

1. Set up Remarketing Campaigns to Re-Engage Potential Customers​

During the Black Friday and Cyber Monday week, there is an expected surge in Amazon traffic. However, a significant portion of this surge includes individuals browsing through your or your competitors’ products without making immediate purchases.

To re-engage potential customers who showed interest but didn’t make a purchase, it’s crucial to implement re-targeting strategies with Sponsored Displays and DSP ads.

Leveraging Sponsored Display allows precise targeting of audiences who engaged with your advertised product or similar offerings within the last 7-90 days. On the other hand, DSP gives you more control over remarketing, allowing you to reach people who interacted with a specific product, an entire category, a store page, and so on.

2. Leverage Cross-Selling Strategies​

After the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping rush, your brand has likely gained numerous new-to-brand customers. Seize this opportunity to introduce them to additional items from your catalog.

Conduct a thorough analysis of your market basket report to identify promising cross-selling opportunities. This insightful report can guide you in pinpointing products from your catalog that demonstrated high popularity during the recent holiday season sales event.

Once you’ve identified suitable product pairings, launch DSP ad campaigns to re-engage customers who have purchased the first product but haven’t yet considered complementary items. This targeted approach not only enhances the customer experience but also opens avenues for additional sales.

3. Upsell Premium Products​

While upselling is a well-known concept, its execution post-Black Friday requires a nuanced approach. Instead of overwhelming customers with flashy promotions, concentrate on the value that higher-priced products in your lineup bring.

Tailor your messaging to spotlight the improved features, durability, or unique benefits offered by premium items. For instance, if a customer bought a single bottle of essential oil from your catalog during the sales event, the opportunity for upselling exists in presenting them with an essential oil set.

Create a Sponsored Display or DSP remarketing ad that underscores the set’s value, illustrating how it offers a range of fragrances at a surprisingly affordable price compared to buying individual bottles. This will gently guide the customer toward a more comprehensive product at a higher price, highlighting the advantages of owning a diverse collection of scents.

4. Monitor your Inventory​

After the hustle and bustle of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s common to overlook inventory levels. Ineffective sales forecasting and poor inventory planning can lead to running out of stock in the crucial last month of Q4. To sustain your momentum, it’s crucial to consistently track your stock levels.

Identify your best-selling products and predict demand based on historical data. Taking a proactive approach allows you to restock popular items promptly, ensuring a steady flow of sales. If certain products are selling quickly and restocking is delayed, consider adjusting your advertising campaigns.

Adjust your ad spend and promotional activities strategically to control the pace of sales for products with limited stock. This measured approach prevents overselling, maintains customer satisfaction, and ensures you can fulfill orders without compromising on delivery times.

5. Offer Brand Tailored Promotion​

Amazon Promotion

Amazon Brand-Tailored Promotions is the newly launched feature for sellers to offer exclusive discounts to shoppers who have clicked on your product listing or added a product to the cart but didn’t make a purchase. You can set up tailored deals after the sales event to re-engage with potential customers, leveraging their prior interest to encourage conversions, especially as many shoppers continue browsing for gifts throughout the entire holiday season.

6. Analyze ads performance data of the event​

It is advised to review the effectiveness of your ad campaigns to identify which campaigns and targets achieved notable success in terms of Click-Through Rate and Conversion Rate during the sales event.

Subsequently, utilize these findings after the sales event to maintain positive momentum by refining your campaigns and targeting strategies.

Insights from Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2023:​

Here are some insights and trends from the 2023 Black Friday and Cyber Monday events:

  1. Sales Impact Pre-Event: Early deals had minimal effect on sales before Black Friday, with a gradual decline leading up to the event.
  2. Surge in Traffic: Black Friday and Cyber Monday witnessed an 80% surge in impressions, indicating heightened consumer interest.
  3. Increased Competition: Fierce competition drove up the cost per click by 12.5%, emphasizing the battle for visibility among brands.
  4. Conversion Rate Dip: Despite increased traffic, the conversion rate experienced a 6.8% decline, hinting at the necessity for more compelling deals.
  5. Boost Sales: Notwithstanding the lower conversion rate, brands enjoyed a 40.7% online sales growth during the event period.
  6. Cyber Monday Success: Outshining Black Friday, Cyber Monday boasted a 40% higher ad sales figure and an improved conversion rate, signaling the rush for last-minute deals.

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In conclusion, although Amazon Black Friday Sale and Cyber Monday Sale have passed, the opportunity to maintain holiday sales’ momentum and capitalize on post-sales strategies remains pivotal.

Leveraging re-targeting tactics, strategic upselling to new customers, and insights gleaned from the event period will empower brands to sustain success beyond these retail peaks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Should I keep my Black Friday product listings optimized with relevant holiday search terms?

Absolutely! Many shoppers procrastinate or start Christmas shopping late. Keep those optimized listings running, focusing on evergreen holiday shopping season terms like “unique gifts for him/her,” “stocking stuffers,” and “family fun games.

Are Lightning Deals still worth running after the Amazon Black Friday Sales Event?

Yes! Early December is prime time for late-start shoppers searching for deals. Consider offering Lightning Deals on complementary or slightly less discounted items compared to your Black Friday offers.

Should I keep my Amazon Black Friday deals active?

It depends! Analyze your sales data. Did specific products fly off the virtual shelf? Consider extending deals for those hot items to attract last-minute shoppers. However, for lukewarm performers, consider reverting to regular prices to avoid profit margin fatigue.

Did my Black Friday strategy work? How can I improve for next year?

Analyze your performance metrics. Track conversion rates, ad campaign effectiveness, and inventory management. Did your Lightning Deals attract early bird shoppers? Did your optimized product listings drive organic traffic? Use these insights to make your next year’s Black Friday strategy.

My sales haven't picked up despite ongoing promotions. What can I do?

Reassess your product listings and ensure they’re optimized for relevant keywords. Use attractive visuals and compelling descriptions to showcase your products’ value. Consider running targeted PPC campaigns with adjusted bids to boost visibility during the crucial holiday search period.

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