How To Get Amazon Reviews in 2024: 9 Proven Tips


Are you struggling to get Amazon reviews on your product? 

Well, you are not alone!

Reviews are the backbone of any product on Amazon; they build trust with potential buyers, improve your product ranking, and boost your sales.

However, convincing customers to leave a review can be a challenge.

In this blog, we’ll dive into proven strategies to encourage more reviews and turn satisfied customers into vocal advocates for your brand.

Why Are Amazon Reviews Important?

Amazon reviews are crucial because they help people decide whether to buy a product or not. When you’re thinking about getting something from Amazon, you often check what other people have said about it.

If there are lots of positive online reviews, it gives you confidence that the product is good. On the flip side, if there is negative feedback, it warns you about potential issues.

Negative review highlight problems that other customers have faced, giving you a heads-up to make a better decision. So, these reviews play a big role in shaping people’s buying choices on Amazon. 

As an Amazon seller, your goal should be to get as many positive reviews as possible while minimizing the likelihood of customers leaving negative feedback on your products.

How to get product reviews on Amazon

Rules For Amazon Reviews

As an Amazon seller, understanding the rules and guidelines for product reviews is crucial for maintaining a positive reputation and maximizing sales. Amazon has stringent regulations to ensure fairness and transparency in the reviewing process. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Avoid writing reviews for your own product.

  • Fake reviews, whether positive or negative, are strictly prohibited.

  • Offering coupons or complimentary merchandise in exchange for reviews is not allowed.

  • Discounts provided should not be contingent on leaving a review.

  • Requesting reviews from biased individuals, like family or friends, is against the rules.

  • Avoid trading reviews with others, as it is not permitted.

  • You cannot compel customers to change their negative reviews into positive ones.

9 Tips on How to Get Reviews on Amazon

Here are 9 tips to ethically encourage more reviews on your Amazon listings:

1. Amazon Vine Program

Vine is an Amazon initiative designed to assist sellers in getting product reviews. Through this program, sellers can submit their new or pre-released items to a group of trusted reviewers known as Vine Voices.

Amazon selects these reviewers, based on their history of providing helpful and relevant reviews. Sellers pay a fee to participate in Vine, and in return, Vine Voices provides unbiased feedback on the products they receive.

This process aims to enhance the credibility and visibility of products on the platform. By obtaining reviews from a reputable group of Vine Voices, sellers can build trust with potential customers. The reviews generated through the Vine program are distinguished by a special badge, indicating their authenticity.

How to get Amazon reviews - Amazon vine program

2. Use the "Request a Review" Button

The “Request a Review” button on Amazon Seller Central is a hidden gem for sellers seeking to boost their product’s reputation and visibility. While it might not be a magic bullet, it’s a safe and effective way to nudge satisfied customers towards leaving a review.

Here’s how you can access this feature:

  1. Log in to Seller Central.

  2. Click on “Orders.”

  3. Select the “Shipped” tab (or filter for orders delivered within the last 30 days).

  4. Click on the specific order number you want to request a review for.

  5. Look for the button – it’s typically located on the top right corner of the order details page, near the “Refund Order” button.

Once you click the button, Amazon will send a generic email to the customer on your behalf. This email politely asks them to share their experience with the product and leave a review on your listing.

Amazon request a review button to get more reviews on Amazon

3. Product Inserts

Amazon Sellers often include small printed marketing materials, known as Amazon product inserts, inside their packaging.

These inserts serve various purposes, such as congratulating customers on their purchases, promoting other Amazon items, providing assembly instructions, collecting genuine product feedback, or simply offering more details about the product.

Many sellers include a card within the package, inviting customers to share their thoughts through a review.

Leveraging product inserts fosters a more personal connection with customers and boosts brand recognition and loyalty. 

However, you need to be a little creative with your product insert, as Amazon does not allow you to directly ask for a review using the product insert.

4. Product Giveaways, Discounts, and Deals

You can effectively leverage product giveaways, discounts, and deals to encourage customer reviews.

But here’s the kicker: Amazon has strict rules about asking for positive reviews in exchange for goodies.

So, it’s super important to be careful with your wording and not come off as trying to manipulate things. Focus on giving your customers great deals and perks while keeping it real and honest.

That way, you’ll build trust and get those genuine reviews flowing in!

How to get amazon reviews

5. Leverage Social Media

To get more reviews on Amazon using social media, start by sharing about your products on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Let your followers know about the cool stuff you have and how it can make their lives better. Politely ask satisfied customers to share their thoughts on your Amazon product page.

You can create engaging posts or stories to encourage people to leave reviews. Remember to keep it genuine and not pushy. Building a friendly online community around your products can help get the word out and boost those reviews.

6. Provide Excellent Customer Service and Respond to Reviews

Giving excellent customer service is a game-changer for getting positive reviews on Amazon.

When you respond quickly and nicely to customer questions, solve problems well, and go above and beyond, happy customers are likelier to shout about their experience through positive review. Responding to good and not-so-good reviews shows you care about customers’ thoughts.

When you engage with reviews, answer questions, and provide good service overall, you’re setting the stage for more reviews on your products. Happy customers who see you’re listening are likelier to share positive feedback.

7. Send Follow-Up Messages on Amazon

One efficient strategy to encourage consumers to write reviews on Amazon after purchasing is to send them follow-up communications.

Communicate concisely, courteously, and non-obtrusively, giving a slight prod without being too demanding.

Perform follow-ups at a suitable interval after the purchase to optimize response rates since timing is everything.

8. Request Reviews in Your Email Newsletter

To utilize an email newsletter for gathering more Amazon product reviews, start by building a robust email list of people interested in your brand. Regularly communicate with subscribers, sharing valuable content and informing them about new product launches.

Encourage reviews by including calls to action in newsletters and offering incentives for feedback. Acknowledge and appreciate reviewers to foster engagement and loyalty.

This approach fosters a community of supportive customers eager to share their experiences, enhancing your product credibility on Amazon.

9. Join the Amazon Early Reviewer Program

Getting reviews on Amazon, especially for newly launched products, can be challenging. Fortunately, Amazon has a solution to streamline this process—the Early Reviewer Program.

Amazon incentivizes customers to leave reviews through this program by offering them a small gift card.

Participants in this program provide better reviews as they are familiar with what other Amazon customers find helpful, having written reviews frequently.

If you opt into the program, Amazon will prompt a sample of participating customers to evaluate your product after purchase. Upon submitting a review, they receive a £1–£5 Amazon gift card. To cover the cost of these gift cards, Amazon deducts a one-time $60 fee from your account after the first review.

amazon early reviewer program

Final Thoughts

By implementing the strategies outlined in this blog, you can effectively encourage more positive reviews and build a strong foundation for your Amazon success. Remember, the key lies in providing excellent customer service, building trust, and prompting satisfied customers to share their positive experiences.

As your review count grows, you’ll witness a boost in product visibility, increased sales, and an enhanced brand reputation. So, put these tips into action, watch your reviews flourish, and witness the positive impact on your Amazon journey!

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