Amazon Marketing Stream: Near Real-Time Advertising Data


It is no longer a secret that shopping behavior on Amazon varies over the day. This is the reason why the concept of “dayparting” became so famous in the Amazon PPC space, where advertisers began to modify their bids by the day & hours to maximize the performance of their Amazon PPC campaigns.

However, earlier there was no reliable source of hourly data that could validate if the dayparting or time-parting strategy was helping or hurting an advertiser.

But for all of the Amazon advertisers out there, we have some good news to share.

Amazon recently launched a new beta product called “Marketing Stream” that delivers Amazon Ads campaign metrics and information to advertisers in almost real-time.

Want to know more about this newly launched Amazon Marketing stream?

In this blog, we will cover:

  • What is Amazon’s Marketing stream?

  • Why is it important?

  • Limitations and Solutions through Amazon marketing stream.

  • Benefits of Amazon Marketing Stream

  • Amazon Marketing Stream Use Cases

  • How to start with the Amazon marketing stream?

What is Amazon Marketing Stream?

Marketing stream is a newly launched product from Amazon that provides advertising campaign performance reporting by the hour of the day as opposed to daily.

Why Is Amazon Marketing Stream Data Important?

Amazon’s PPC campaign reporting has always been limited compared to its competitors, such as Google and Facebook ads. Calls to the Amazon Ads API were the only means by which advertisers could access daily performance and on-demand access to other campaign information

Advertisers who wanted more timely insights for their campaign used to manually pull this information by calling the Amazon Ads API multiple times a day, which obliviously led to usage challenges such as API throttling and limits on the number of API calls they could make in a day.

This approach is used also to put the burden on the advertisers to compare new information with the existing ones to understand changes and draw insightful conclusions.

As Amazon tracked these API usage patterns, they knew that launching a product that provided ad campaign performance data at a very granular level would make absolute sense.

This is how the “Amazon Marketing stream” came into existence.

Amazon Marketing Stream Datasets​

Reporting Data

Amazon Marketing Stream reporting delivers an advertiser’s refined advertising data, providing timely insights into both traffic and conversion metrics with hourly updates.

Messaging Data

Amazon Marketing Stream’s messaging component offers near real-time notifications on entity state changes and events. Currently covering campaign, ad group, ad, and targeting entity modifications, it includes crucial budget consumption messages, alerting users to budget allotment changes of 5% or more.

Plans involve expanding messaging to include notifications on product eligibility, bid recommendations, and other significant events, contributing to a comprehensive and proactive advertising management approach.

Earlier Limitations with Amazon PPC Dayparting

As we discussed in our earlier Dayparting blog, the limitation with Amazon Ads until now was that, unlike other platforms like Google Ads, Amazon didn’t provide the necessary data required for Dayparting, including the ability to deliver hourly performance metrics.

With the available reports, there was no way for an advertiser to know at which specific hour the ad was clicked which resulted in the order conversion.

Even if all the orders were placed in the evening between 5 PM and 8 PM, that doesn’t mean the buyer clicked on the ad during the same time.

It depends on the buyer’s shopping behavior. In the absence of this data, it was almost impossible to have a fool-proof dayparting strategy that could guarantee success.

How Does the Amazon Marketing Stream Address the Above Problem?

Leveraging Amazon marketing stream data for both hourly performance metrics and historical hourly traffic data offers advertisers detailed intraday insights, enabling them to optimize campaigns more effectively.

For example, if you observe that a specific campaign generates the majority of sales at a remarkably low CPC during weekends from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, you can strategically raise bids within these hours to maximize conversion potential.

Simultaneously, near real-time details like budget consumption empower quick adjustments to prevent exceeding budget limits during peak traffic hours.

If a high-performing campaign is nearing its budget limit before the day concludes, swift budget increases can maximize overall campaign performance.

Additionally, Amazon’s provision of accurate hourly placement data allows advertisers to make informed, data-driven decisions regarding bid adjustments for top-of-search and product page placements.

This comprehensive approach to data analysis ensures advertisers stay agile in their strategies, optimizing performance based on both deliverable hourly performance metrics and historical hourly traffic data.

Other Benefits of Amazon Marketing Stream

Optimize Ad Campaigns Effectively

With hourly performance data for campaigns, the Amazon marketing stream makes it easier to optimize campaign performance more effectively.

For example, in the below graph of one of the Ad campaigns in our Adbrew account, we can understand that from 6 AM to 2 PM sales are higher and ACOS is lower, so we can look to utilize the Dayparting strategy and increase our bids during this period.

Amazon Marketing Stream

Get up-to-date campaign budget usage

Amazon Marketing Stream simplifies the tracking of campaign budget usage based on the hourly spend of the campaign. This allows advertisers to easily understand when and how their budgets are being utilized throughout the day. With this straightforward information, advertisers can efficiently make adjustments to their campaign budgets as needed, ensuring a more precise allocation of resources.

Optimize the Placement modifier of the Campaign based on hourly performance

The Amazon Marketing Stream provides a detailed breakdown of how individual ad placements perform on an hourly basis, including Top of Search, Product Page, and Rest of Search. Advertisers can see spending, sales, CPC (Cost Per Click), CVR (Conversion Rate), etc for each placement at hourly granularity. This information helps advertisers adjust their strategies throughout the day, focusing on more profitable hours and scaling back during less cost-effective times.

Amazon Marketing Stream Use Cases.

As we have integrated Amazon Marketing Stream in our platform Adbrew, let’s understand how it helped our clients to grow.

Adbrew helped Seller Presto scale their brands on Amazon and Grow their Total Sales by 2.6x:

Problem: Seller Presto aimed to optimize their hourly ad efficiency but lacked the tools to dynamically adjust their campaigns for peak performance.

Solution: Utilizing Adbrew’s dayparting capabilities with Amazon Marketing Stream data, Seller Presto intelligently adjusted budgets and bids at different times of the day. This approach maximized ad spend efficiency during peak performance hours, enhancing overall campaign effectiveness.

To learn more about the above case study: Seller Presto

How to Start Using Marketing Stream Data?

As of now, the only way to access these data is through Amazon Ads API, which means you cannot directly see these data in your seller central or vendor central account.

But don’t worry!

We at Adbrew have been offering a dayparting feature since the inception of our platform. With the release of Amazon Marketing Stream, Adbrew is now providing all the real-time campaign performance data in an easy-to-use dashboard.

Amazon Marketing Stream

As an Adbrew user, you can now easily check your campaign performance metrics (sales, ACOS, CPC, and more) on a near real-time basis which will help you build a schedule to increase or decrease bids for each hour of the day and day of the week.

Ready to get started with Adbrew?

Adbrew provides cutting-edge automation, expertly curated strategies, and data-driven insights for brands to thrive on Amazon.

Final Thought on Amazon Marketing Stream​

At Adbrew, we firmly believe that Amazon advertisers and businesses can drive exponential growth using technology and data. With Amazon launching Marketing Stream, businesses can leverage hourly data to draw real-time insights and make smarter decisions about their campaigns, utilizing both current and historical sales data.

Our customers now have a significant competitive edge as they leverage Adbrew’s integration with Amazon Marketing Stream to build an extremely comprehensive advertising strategy and thus react to the changing dynamics in near real time.

Now, it’s your turn:​

What are your thoughts on Amazon’s newly launched product? How do you plan to leverage this feature for your eCommerce campaigns? Let us know in the comments.

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