Amazon Brand-Tailored Promotion – 2024 Guide


Feeling lost in the Amazon discount jungle?

Struggling to reach the right customers and entice them to make the purchase?

Amazon Brand Tailored Promotions can be your secret weapon to engage with such high-intent potential customers and drive conversions.

In this Blog, we will learn:

  • What is the eligibility for Amazon brand-tailored promotions?
  • How to create Amazon brand-tailored promotions
  • What are the Audiences for Amazon brand-tailored promotions?
  • Advantages of Amazon brand-tailored promotions.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What are Amazon Brand Tailored Promotions?

Launched in 2023, Amazon Brand Tailored Promotions is a marketing tool exclusively for registered brand owners on Amazon. It allows you to offer exclusive discounts to specific customer groups on Amazon, helping you connect with your audience and drive sales.

Eligibility of Amazon Brand Tailored Promotion

While brand-tailored promotions are a game changer, meeting specific criteria is necessary to qualify for them. Let’s break down these requirements.

  1. Brand Registration: You must register your brand on Amazon Brand Registry to access brand-tailored promotions.
  2. Minimum Audience: Ensure that the audience group you intend to target or offer promotional discounts to consists of at least 100 customers. Without a group of at least 100 individuals, you won’t be able to create a deal for them.
  3. Buy Box: The products you wish to offer promotional discounts on must-have a featured offer in the buy box.

Steps to Create Amazon Brand-Tailored Promotion

To access brand-tailored promotions, you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Go to the Advertising tab on Seller Central and click Brand Tailored Promotions.

Step 2: Click on “Create a Promotion”

Step 3: Select your Registered brand from the drop-down menu and the Audience you want to offer discounts.

Registered Brand selection

Step 4: Now add a Promotion Name, discount percentage, budget, and promotion start and end date.

Promotion Name

Step 5: Confirm the promotion and click submit.

The brand-tailored promotion will apply to the entire brand catalog with the desired discount percentage and will be shown to the selected audiences.

Amazon Brand Tailored Promotions Audience Groups

Brand Tailored Promotion audiences consist of distinct groups of customers so brands can tailor specific promotions. Sellers leverage these specific audiences to achieve the objectives and intentions of their promotions.

These audiences include:

Brand Tailored Promotion Audiences

Brand Followers

These are individuals who actively ‘follow’ your brand on Amazon through the follow button on your Amazon Store Page.

Potential New Customers

Individuals who have engaged with your products by clicking or adding them to their cart in the past 90 days but haven’t made a purchase in the last 12 months. Offering discounts to this group is a strategic approach to boost new-to-brand metrics.

Repeat Customers

People who bought your products more than once in the past 12 months come under this category. Giving them additional discounts increases repeat purchases of your brand’s products and can act as a reward for their loyalty to your brand.

High-Spend Customers

These represent the top 5% of customers who have made significant purchases from your brand within the past year. Offering discounts to this select group can strengthen the bond with these customers and foster deeper relationships.

Recent customers

The “Recent customers” audience comprises the most recent top 5% of customers who have made purchases from your brand. Utilizing this audience is an effective strategy to incentivize customers to swiftly make repeat purchases of your product.

Cart abandoners

The “Brand cart abandoners” audience consists of customers who have added your products to their cart within the last 90 days but have not completed the purchase. Leveraging this audience is an excellent promotional tactic to encourage them to make a purchase.

Advantages of Amazon Brand-Tailored Promotions

Target high-intent customers: Reach specific groups like brand followers, repeat buyers, and recent purchasers who are already interested in your products.

Personalized discounts: Offer targeted discounts ranging from 10% to 50%, motivating customers to complete their purchase.

Prominent product placement: Eligible customers see your offer on product searches, detail pages, and dedicated promotion pages, boosting visibility.

Reward loyal customers: Show appreciation to repeat buyers and high-spenders, encouraging continued patronage.

Drive repeat purchases: Encourage customers to try new products or repurchase familiar ones with targeted discounts.

Build brand relationships: Personalized offers foster positive brand perception and strengthen customer connections.

Final Thoughts

Amazon Brand Tailored Promotions offer a powerful tool for brands to engage with customers, boost sales, and build loyalty. By targeting specific audiences with personalized discounts, brands can increase conversions, attract new customers, and reward existing ones. If you’re a registered brand owner, take advantage of this exclusive program and unlock its potential to propel your brand forward.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fee for initiating a Tailored promotion?

There is no fee associated with launching brand-tailored promotions on Amazon.

In what manner does the promotion appear to customers?

Shoppers/Audiences who qualify for the offer (based on your chosen segment) will see it highlighted on searches, product pages, and dedicated promotion pages with a distinct green badge that reads “Follower Promo” or “Exclusive Promo.”

Is it possible for some of these audiences to overlap?

Customers can qualify for multiple segments simultaneously. For instance, someone who is a high-spender and also follows your brand could be eligible for both “High Spend Customers” and “Brand Followers” promotions.

It’s important to note that while customers might qualify for multiple tailored promotion discounts, these offers can’t be combined on a single purchase. However, the good news is that eligible customers can take advantage of different tailored promotions on separate purchases.

Will the discount apply to all sellers representing my brand?

Tailored Promotions are designed to be exclusive to your brand and your seller account. So, the discount will only apply to products from your brand specifically offered by you, even if other sellers offer similar items under the same brand name.

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