How to Create a Good Amazon Product Listing


If you’re a seller on Amazon, you would know it’s important to rank your products well and drive sales.

But what exactly does “rank well” mean?

A well-optimized Amazon product listing will help Amazon rank your product organically, even if it seems difficult at first.

Tips to optimize Amazon product listing:

Amazon A10 is an algorithm that determines the likelihood a product will be purchased. This can be a good or a bad thing, depending on your product listing. If your listing has been optimized well, it will perform better than if it isn’t optimized at all.

The first thing is to check the title, bullet points, A+ content, Alt tags and backend search terms. To get high CVR search terms, you need to find out the keywords your competitors are ranking on and then add them to your listing. You can find this out with Brand Analytics itself, without any Reverse-ASIN tool. Here are the steps to follow

Identify top 5 to 7 direct competitors of your products and add them to the Enter the ASINs box:

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Once you have added multiple competitors’ ASINs, Amazon will show the relevant search terms, their frequency rank, the top 3 clicked ASINs per search term, their click share and their conversion share.

Download the list and then add it to excel to get unique keywords to add to your Amazon Product listing. At the same time, you need to find out a few highly relevant search terms for your product and their search volume. So that you can start the campaigns with these.

Once this is done, create the listing by using these keywords. While creating a title, the first 5 keywords should always be the keywords that have a high search volume. You can add your brand name afterwards. This is because it helps in organic ranking and indexing. In on instant, we noticed that a slight change in title improved organic ranking and thus reduced the ad-sales ratio from 60% to 25%.

While you are preparing the content, ask your design team to create:

  • 3-4 Product images
  • 1-2 Lifestyle images
  • 1-2 Infographic images
  • 1 Group image (if you have variations of size and color)
  • A+ Content
  • Video

While adding A+ content to the listing it is important to add the following:

  1. 500-1000 words of copy for Amazon SEO
  2. 100 keywords per image for the Alt tag
  3. Lifestyle images that have white background ones
  4. Product chart with links for comparison and awareness

If your brand is registered on Amazon then you can add a brand story and premium A+ content too. The brand story is a carousel display with full-screen background on desktop and mobile devices while Premium A+ content displays in the Product Description of the detail page and includes:

  • Interactive hover hotspot modules
  • Multiple video modules
  • Enhanced comparison charts
  • Larger images on the detail page
  • Carousel modules
  • Q&A moduleA

To publish premium A+ you need to meet the following requirements:

Amazon product listing

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