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Amazon SOV and Keyword Rank Tracking Software: Dominate the Digital Shelf

Not sure where you stand on the Amazon Digital Shelf against your competitors? Adbrew’s Amazon Share of Voice tracking and Amazon keyword rank tracker software help you gauge and grow your share of voice and search rank on Amazon.


Our clients love the Amazon SOV tracker because it allows them to see their market share at a granular level.


Warren Coxall

Founder, Totalyty


    Amazon Digital Shelf Analytics & Automation

    Stop Guessing and Start Dominating in Amazon Search

    Unveil the secrets to Amazon’s success and take control of your brand’s visibility. Our Amazon Digital Shelf tool empowers you to outrank competitors, keyword rank and grow market share and share of voice on Amazon.

    Amaon keyword rank tracking tool Amazon share of voice software Amazon SOV Tracker Amazon SOV automation
    Amaon keyword rank tracking toolAmazon share of voice softwareAmazon SOV TrackerAmazon SOV automation

    Track exactly where your products rank in Amazon search results for different keywords by the hour or by the day. Identify areas for improvement and increase your ranking and sales.

    Understand when, where and how your brand stacks up against competitors for important keywords. Calibrate your advertising strategies to grow your Amazon SOV and increase market share on the Amazon Digital Shelf.

    Unmask your competitors and understand their strategies. Gain valuable insights and target their product pages to drive their potential customers to your product pages with our Amazon Share of Voice tool

    Set up automation based on your hourly share of voice and search rank to capture more market share, increase organic rank, and prevent organic sales cannibalization. React in real time to changing dynamics on the the Amazon Digital Shelf.

    Trusted Globally

    Award Winning Amazon PPC Software

    Trusted by industry leaders, Adbrew is the only Amazon PPC software recognized as a finalist in four different Amazon Ads Partner Awards categories, including one win.

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    Advanced Amazon SOV and Keyword Rank Tracking Tool

    All in one: Amazon PPC and SOV Tracking

    With Adbrew’s Amazon Digital Shelf Analytics tool, you get real-time actionable insights to make informed decisions and get a competitive edge on the Amazon marketplace. It’s seamlessly integrated with your Amazon PPC, allowing you to automatically change your bids in real-time against competitors.

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    Hourly Tracking

    Amazon rankings and share of voice fluctuate every hour. We track them every hour, giving you the most precise data and accurate picture of your market dominance.

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    Measure advertising impact

    Track the impact of your Amazon PPC campaigns and keyword performance directly on your share of voice and ranking position. Take actions and calibrate your campaigns right from within Adbrew.

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    Automated Bid Management

    Create rules to automatically adjust your bids in real-time based on your share of voice and ranking on Amazon. Prevent organic sales cannibalisation, or automatically optimise for top of search placement.


    24/7 Support & Expert Guidance

    We’re not just an Amazon ads tool. Get dedicated support from our in-house Amazon ads specialists. We’ll be there 24/7 to guide you and celebrate your wins.


    Success Stories

    You are in good company

    Dive deeper into success stories and learn how Adbrew’s Amazon ad automation software has helped leading brands achieve their Amazon PPC goals.

    Adbrew has not only saved us over 250 hours of manual optimization every month but has also streamlined our reporting and campaign optimization, making it the ultimate tool for Amazon agencies. Their exceptional customer support is unparalleled and they actively listen to our feedback, truly embodying the essence of a growth-oriented partner.

    Graeme Coyle


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    Adbrew is outstandingly user-friendly and effective, helping us slash our ACOS by 31.97% in just two months, accompanied by a remarkable 17.55% increase in sales. A must-have Amazon advertising tool for Amazon sellers.

    Ron Puggi

    Ron Puggi


    Our collaboration with Adbrew has been truly transformative for RENÉE Cosmetics. By harnessing Adbrew’s cutting-edge AI solutions, we were able to reduce our ad spend by an impressive 30.86% while improving the total sales by 4.7%, thus optimizing our advertising campaigns with outstanding efficiency.

    Jitendra Rawal Renee Cosmetics

    Jitendra Rawal

    Head of E-Commerce

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