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Unlock the Power of Amazon PPC Dayparting with Amazon Marketing Stream

With our Amazon Marketing Stream tool, gain insights into your Amazon PPC performance at different times of the day and deploy advanced Amazon Ads Dayparting to fully optimise your Amazon ad-spend.


Adbrew has armed our team with tools and insights that are vital to driving incremental growth.


Anders Palmquist

Vice President & GM


    Most Advanced Amazon PPC Dayparting Tool

    Amazon Marketing Stream Software to Optimize Your Ads with Precision

    Our Amazon Marketing stream and Dayparting Software allows you to easily optimize your advertisements with hourly precision and achieve unmatched efficiency which wasn’t possible earlier.

    hourly performance of ads Schedule dayparting Budget pacing tool Automated dayparting
    hourly performance of adsSchedule daypartingBudget pacing toolAutomated dayparting

    Access real-time data on your ad metrics with our Marketing Stream tool. Track clicks, impressions, conversions, and costs by the hour. Uncover hidden trends and seize opportunities with precision.

    Maximize your ad performance by adjusting bids, budgets, and placements based on the time of day. With Adbrew’s Amazon Dayparting software, you can boost bids during peak hours for your best-selling items and lower them during slower times for less effective categories.

    Leverage our Amazon Ads Dayparting software to maximize your ad performance by pacing your budget evenly on different hours of the day based on performance.

    Simplify your campaign management with Adbrew’s Automated Dayparting. No more manual tinkering—just set your dayparting goal, and let us handle the rest.

    Trusted Globally

    Award Winning Amazon PPC Software

    Trusted by industry leaders, Adbrew is the only Amazon PPC software recognized as a finalist in four different Amazon Ads Partner Awards categories, including one win.

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    performance apac

    Intra Day Amazon Ad Optimisation Software

    Why use Amazon Marketing Stream and Dayparting?

    Unleash the hidden potential of your Amazon Ads with the power of hourly data and strategic intra day ad optimization.


    Consumer Insights

    Understand the patterns in how your customers browse, compare products, and make purchases. This includes identifying peak times for these activities and recognizing trends in their buying patterns.

    maximize ROI

    Maximize ROI

    Identify hours with the best and worst conversion rates. Optimize your bids and budgets accordingly to maximize return on ad spend and improve efficiency.

    Increase conversion

    Increase Conversions

    Identify peak buying times with Amazon Marketing Stream. Prioritize these periods with aggressive bids and placements to capture more sales quickly and meet your advertising goals.

    wasted ad spend

    Reduce Wasted Spend

    Stop paying for ad impressions that don’t convert. Descale bids, remove placement modifiers, and cut down the budget during slow traffic to stop wasting money on ads that don’t convert.


    Success Stories

    You are in good company

    Dive deeper into success stories and learn how Adbrew’s Amazon ad automation software has helped leading brands achieve their Amazon PPC goals.

    Adbrew has not only saved us over 250 hours of manual optimization every month but has also streamlined our reporting and campaign optimization, making it the ultimate tool for Amazon agencies. Their exceptional customer support is unparalleled and they actively listen to our feedback, truly embodying the essence of a growth-oriented partner.

    Graeme Coyle


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    Adbrew is outstandingly user-friendly and effective, helping us slash our ACOS by 31.97% in just two months, accompanied by a remarkable 17.55% increase in sales. A must-have Amazon advertising tool for Amazon sellers.

    Ron Puggi

    Ron Puggi


    Our collaboration with Adbrew has been truly transformative for RENÉE Cosmetics. By harnessing Adbrew’s cutting-edge AI solutions, we were able to reduce our ad spend by an impressive 30.86% while improving the total sales by 4.7%, thus optimizing our advertising campaigns with outstanding efficiency.

    Jitendra Rawal Renee Cosmetics

    Jitendra Rawal

    Head of E-Commerce

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