How Adbrew helped Seller Presto scale their brands on Amazon and Grow their Total Sales by 2.6x




Growth in new business without scaling operations



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Increase in Total Sales



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The Agency

Seller Presto is a UK-based Digital Marketing Agency that helps Amazon e-commerce businesses. Seller Presto offers guidance for each stage of the client’s Amazon journey; from creating listings to Amazon PPC Management and everything in between. They also offer consultation services regarding different aspects of selling on the platform.

Objectives and Challenges

Seller Presto faced substantial challenges as it expanded operations across multiple international regions, overseeing a portfolio of 60+ brands spanning the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy. A primary hurdle was the labor-intensive manual ad campaign management of these diverse brands, significantly impeding their growth potential in the competitive Amazon marketplace. The company lacked robust technological support, further impacting its effectiveness.

To address these challenges, Seller Presto established certain key objectives. Firstly, they aimed to automate repetitive tasks crucial to Amazon Ads management, including bid management, keyword harvesting, and budget management, to enhance resource allocation and overall efficiency.

Additionally, they recognized the pressing need to streamline reporting across their diverse clientele, considering the varied data sources like Seller and Vendor Central, Advertising, Share of Voice, and Marketing Streams. To tackle these issues, Seller Presto sought to implement a dynamic and adaptable automation framework, tailored to each brand’s unique needs. This strategic approach was designed not only to save time but also to deliver quality results for their client base.

Adbrew has been a game-changer for Seller Presto due to the profound impact of their solutions on streamlining the management of over 60 brands with unmatched efficiency. Their exceptional customer support is unparalleled, with lightning-fast response times to any query. They actively listen to our feedback and continuously enhance their product, truly embodying the essence of a growth-oriented partner. We're thoroughly impressed with their optimization capabilities. Adbrew's automation has saved us over 250 hours monthly, and its advanced analytical capabilities enhance precision, making it the ultimate partner for Amazon agencies.
Seller Presto
Graeme Coyle
Founder, Seller Presto

The Solution

Adbrew’s solution played a pivotal role in effectively resolving the challenges encountered by Seller Presto. The agency adeptly harnessed various features offered by Adbrew, which significantly contributed to overcoming above mentioned hurdles.


As an agency seeking to streamline its operations, Seller Presto aimed to automate their standard operating procedures (SOPs). Adbrew’s advanced rule-based automation offered the flexibility to automate not only bid management but also negation, placement modifiers, budget allocation, Share of Voice & Ranking, and more. This comprehensive automation allowed Seller Presto to optimize their processes efficiently and consistently.

Intra-day Ad Optimization using Dayparting

Seller Presto recognized the importance of effective budget and bid management throughout the day. Adbrew’s dayparting capabilities were instrumental in achieving this goal. By intelligently adjusting budgets and bids at different times of the day, Seller Presto maximized the ad spend efficiency for their clients. This approach ensured that the advertising efforts were most efficient during peak performance hours.

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Campaign Launcher and Manual Bulk Actions

Adbrew’s Campaign Launcher feature provided Seller Presto with the flexibility they needed for launching a multitude of campaigns in bulk. They were able to adapt the Campaign Launcher to their unique campaign structures from day one. This level of customization and automation from the outset not only saved them significant time but also ensured a standardized campaign structure across multiple accounts. Additionally, Adbrew’s capability to perform manual actions in bulk proved to be a valuable tool in streamlining and optimizing manual efforts, saving valuable time.


The implementation of Adbrew’s solutions yielded substantial and quantifiable outcomes for Seller Presto, showcasing the effectiveness of their approach:

  • Enhanced Cost Efficiency: A notable achievement was the average reduction of 20% in Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS) across brands, reflecting the optimization and refinement of ad spend allocation through Adbrew’s interventions.
  • Boosted Total Sales: Total sales experienced a remarkable surge, increasing by 2.6x. This substantial growth underscored the effectiveness of Adbrew’s strategies in driving revenue.
  • Scaled Growth: Seller Presto experienced a remarkable 40% increase in new business opportunities. This growth was attained without the necessity of expanding operational capacities, a testament to Adbrew’s efficacy in enabling seamless scalability.
  • Operational Efficiency: By adopting Adbrew’s intuitive features, the agency managed to save a significant 250+ hours per month that was previously spent on manual reporting and adjustments. This optimization of operational tasks translated to enhanced client service and resource allocation.

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