January 09, 2024

“In the Know” with Amazon Ads Partner Awards winners


Adbrew is honored to have received the prestigious 2023 Amazon Ads Partner Award in the Performance category for the APAC region. This award recognizes our commitment to leveraging Adbrew’s technology and Amazon tools for the growth of the leading lingerie brand “Clovia” on the Amazon India marketplace.

During a recent session with the Amazon team, Adbrew’s co-founder, Akshay Kumar, was featured alongside other Performance award winners, Joe Shelerud from Ad Advance and Joshua Taylor from Global Overview. The session, hosted by Claire Hall from Amazon, delved into case studies and program impacts, highlighting Adbrew’s innovative solutions derived from collaborative efforts with partners and brands.

This session also emphasised importance of collaborative partnerships and its role in enhancing capabilities in Adbrew contributing to our recognition as finalists in three other categories: the Technology Innovation Award, the Challenger EMEA Award, and the Challenger APAC Award. Two of these nominations were in collaboration with our esteemed partners Seller Presto & Totalyty.

Adbrew extends gratitude to its team, partners, and brands for their unwavering support.

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