How RENÉE Cosmetics unlocked Scalability and Profitable Growth with Adbrew’s AI Solutions




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Increase in Total Sales



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The Brand

RENÉE Cosmetics is a pioneering Indian makeup brand founded by Aashka Goradia Goble, a renowned actress. This brand stands out by offering a range of high-quality, 100% cruelty-free cosmetics, emphasizing innovation and empowerment. RENÉE is dedicated to encouraging women to embrace their bold, ambitious personalities and express themselves through the art of cosmetics, using a palette of hues, tones, and shades.

Objectives and Challenges

RENÉE Cosmetics’ primary objective was to reduce advertising spend without negatively impacting sales, striving for a balanced approach that ensures cost-efficiency while upholding brand visibility. They aimed to elevate their analytics capabilities, seeking to enhance visibility into their account’s performance, thereby empowering data-driven decision-making. Streamlining operations and reducing manual tasks through automation was a key priority, allowing the team to redirect their efforts towards strategic initiatives rather than routine activities.

While pursuing these objectives, RENÉE Cosmetics faced several challenges. First and foremost, striking the delicate balance between reducing advertising expenditure and maintaining or increasing sales was a complex task, demanding a nuanced approach. Enhancing analytics capabilities necessitated overcoming potential data integration and analysis hurdles, ensuring accurate and actionable insights. The company sought a solution for promptly identifying and capitalizing on performance optimization opportunities, a crucial factor in staying competitive in a dynamic market environment.

Renee cosmetic logo
Our collaboration with Adbrew has been truly transformative for RENÉE Cosmetics. By harnessing Adbrew's cutting-edge AI solutions, we were able to reduce our ad spend by an impressive 30.86% while improving the total sales by 4.7%, thus optimizing our advertising campaigns with outstanding efficiency. The outcomes clearly demonstrate how Adbrew not only assisted us in achieving our goals but did so with remarkable accuracy and cost-efficiency. This partnership has revolutionized our Amazon advertising efforts, positioning us as pioneers in this competitive industry.
Jitendra Rawal Renee Cosmetics
Jitendra Rawal
Head of E-Commerce, Renee Cosmetics

The Solution

By leveraging Adbrew’s advanced features, Renee Cosmetics not only overcame hurdles but also accomplished their overarching objectives with remarkable efficiency. The following key points elucidate how Renee Cosmetics employed Adbrew’s solutions to realize these achievements:

Adbrew’s AI-Based Automated Bidding

Renee Cosmetics implemented Adbrew’s AI-based automated bidding system to optimize their bids. With a staggering 10,000+ automated bid adjustments performed daily across an extensive array of over 300 campaigns, they leveraged data-backed precision to ensure their advertising initiatives consistently maintained competitive positions in the ever-evolving Amazon marketplace.

Streamlined Keyword Harvesting

RENÉE Cosmetics automated the keyword harvesting process, enabling them to identify and capture profitable keywords with remarkable efficiency. In addition, they effectively utilized negative target harvesting automation, resulting in a substantial reduction in wasteful advertising spending. This strategic approach ensured that their resources were allocated where they could yield the most impactful results.

Optimized Budget Allocation

Through Adbrew’s customizable budget automation capabilities, the company achieved a higher level of precision and adaptability in allocating its advertising budget. This automation not only provided the flexibility needed to adapt to changing market dynamics but also ensured that their performing campaigns never went out of budget. Consequently, RENÉE Cosmetics was able to maximize the effectiveness of their advertising investments, achieving a more optimized and cost-efficient allocation of resources across their campaigns.

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Analytics and Performance Visibility

Adbrew’s analytical and custom reporting capabilities have significantly improved the visibility of the brand’s account, providing them with a more comprehensive understanding of their advertising performance. Adbrew’s campaign and product-level custom reporting feature heightened their level of transparency, allowing the brand to gain accurate and detailed insights into its advertising campaigns. As a result, they now have a clearer picture of how their ads are performing, enabling them to identify specific areas for optimization and fine-tuning.

Smart Recommendations, Insights, & Audit

Adbrew’s Smart recommendations and Account Audit played a pivotal role in Renee Cosmetics’ journey toward success. By utilizing these insights, the company identified actionable opportunities for performance optimization and consistently applied them. This proactive approach resulted in continuous improvements in account performance.


RENÉE Cosmetics achieved remarkable results through its partnership with Adbrew, effectively optimizing its advertising strategies. Leveraging Adbrew’s advanced AI solutions, the company achieved a significant 33.97% reduction in Total Advertising Cost of Sales (TACOS), highlighting the enhanced efficiency of their advertising campaigns. Concurrently, the brand experienced a notable 4.7% increase in total sales, reflecting the effectiveness of its refined approach. The brand achieved substantial reductions in the manual effort required to oversee and manage advertising campaigns for the brand, resulting in a significant time-saving advantage of over 60+ hours a month. This time-saving advantage allowed the team to refocus their valuable resources and efforts toward the more strategic and creative dimensions of their advertising initiatives. 


Simultaneously, the company realized a significant 30.86% reduction in ad spend, underscoring the cost-effectiveness and precision achieved through the automation and optimization facilitated by Adbrew’s AI solutions.

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