How to Use Share of Voice Automation on Amazon?


Millions of products compete for customer attention on Amazon’s search results page, making it tough for your brand to stand out.

This is where share of voice (SOV) automation comes in.

But what exactly is it, and why should you care?

In this blog, we’ll break down SOV automation, explain its importance in the competitive Amazon marketplace, and explore how you can leverage it to gain that crucial edge.

What is Share of Voice on Amazon?

On Amazon, Share of Voice (SOV) refers to the visibility of your brand compared to competitors on search result pages. It essentially reflects how much “space” you occupy on that digital shelf.

Here’s how it works:

Imagine a search for “running shoes.” SOV considers the total number of products displayed on the first page and how many of those belong to your brand.

If you have two running shoes out of ten displayed products, your SOV for that specific search term would be 20%.

What is Amazon Share of Voice Automation?

Share of voice automation is all about understanding your product’s rank for a specific keyword on the Amazon search results page and then using that information to automatically adjust your ad campaign bids, budget, bidding strategy, etc.

Essentially, SOV automation takes the manual work out of constantly monitoring your SOV and adjusting your ad campaigns accordingly. It helps you maintain a desired level of visibility on Amazon’s competitive search pages.

Benefits of Share of Voice Automation for Advertisers

Here are the 3 key benefits of leveraging share of voice automation on Amazon.

1. Increase Share of Voice for Specific Placement on Amazon SERPs

Share of voice automation helps you track your brand’s share of voice and search rank across different placements, such as top of search, middle of search, rest of search, Sponsored Brands ads, Sponsored Brands video ads, etc.

You can use this ranking information to set up share of voice-based automation to automatically increase your keyword bids if you are not achieving a certain percentage of SOV on the search results page.

2. Increase Organic Ranking

We all know that advertising can significantly improve our ranking for the most relevant keywords because it can quickly increase demand and sales volume by appearing in prominent sponsored ad placements.

You can set up SOV-based automation to automatically increase your Amazon advertising campaigns bid if your product is not appearing in the top 10 sponsored and organic search results.

This will help boost your product’s visibility in Amazon searches for relevant keyword, and consequently, your organic ranking should improve, provided that other factors like relevancy, short tail vs long tail keywords, reviews, and the product page are optimized.

3. Prevent Organic Sales Cannibalization

Imagine a scenario where your product appears in the top 4 sponsored search results and the top 5 organic search results for a specific keyword.

In this case, users might click on your sponsored listing before seeing your organic listing. This means you’re wasting ad spend for a click that could have been free if they had found your product through the organic listing.

To address this, you can use automation based on share of voice or search rank. Set up automation to automatically decrease bids or pause keywords if your product ranks in the top 5 in both organic and sponsored search results. Conversely, the automation should increase bids or enable keywords if your product is not in the top 5 of both listings, ensuring you don’t miss potential opportunities.

How to Use Share of Voice Automation

Amazon does not offer Share of Voice (SOV) automation through its advertising console or Seller Central. To utilize this feature, you will need third-party software such as Adbrew, which provides SOV and search rank tracking along with automation based on these metrics.

Adbrew enables you to track your share of voice and search rank for different keywords across various ad placements like top of search, rest of search, middle of search, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Brands video, and organic listings.

You can then set up automation using these metrics. For example, you might configure it to increase your keyword bid by a certain percentage if your organic rank falls below a specified level. Alternatively, you could set it to decrease your bid if your top of search rank and organic rank both fall below certain thresholds.

share of voice automation on Amazon.png

A key advantage of Adbrew is its hourly tracking of your rank for all keywords. Since rankings on Amazon SERPs can fluctuate frequently, checking your ranking only once a day may not provide an accurate picture. Hourly tracking allows you to make timely adjustments, helping you achieve your share of voice goals more precisely.

Final Thought on Share of Voice Automation:

Utilizing share of voice automation can significantly enhance your advertising strategy on Amazon. By leveraging tools like Adbrew, you can gain a detailed understanding of your brand’s performance across various ad placements and make data-driven adjustments in real time to boost visibility. This proactive approach not only helps in maintaining a competitive edge but also ensures that your marketing efforts are consistently aligned with your business goals.

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