How to Prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2023


It’s widely known that Amazon Prime Day stands as one of the largest global e-commerce sales events, drawing millions of customers worldwide.

So, how can you ensure that you’re well-prepared for such a substantial sales event?

In this blog post, we’ll provide the top 10 tips for Amazon Prime Day, ensuring you meet your sales targets and maximize your gains from this event.

What is the Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is an annual event hosted by Amazon, one of the world’s largest online retailers. It is a special sales event where Amazon offers exclusive deals, discounts, and promotions to its Amazon Prime members. Prime Day typically takes place over 48 hours, offering a wide range of products at reduced prices.

What to expect from Prime Day 2024?

Prime Day events are getting bigger and bigger with Prime Day success each passing year. In the previous year alone, Prime members purchased more than 300 million items worldwide and saved over $1.7 billion, surpassing the savings of any previous Prime Day event. At this event, Prime Day sales worldwide reached an estimated $12 billion, establishing it as the most successful shopping occasion in Amazon’s history.

While it is undoubtedly a big occasion for consumers to save money, it also brings significant advantages for Amazon sellers in terms of increased product visibility, high traffic, and more sales for your products.

Here are some tips that will help you prepare for this massive event in advance.

1. Define your Goal

Clearly define what you want to achieve during Prime Day. It could be expanding your customer base, boosting sales, promoting a new product line, or increasing brand visibility. Having a specific goal will help you create focused strategies and measure the success of your Prime Day campaigns.

2. Select Products to Focus On

Choose products that are popular and have a high demand among Prime Day shoppers. Consider offering discounts on items that are already selling well or that align with the deals and promotions associated with the event. This will attract more customers and increase the likelihood of generating sales.

3. Make sure you have enough inventory

Proper inventory management is essential for a successful Prime Day. Ensure you have enough stock of popular products for seamless international shipping and delivery. Plan, utilize FBA, monitor inventory levels, and expedite replenishment to meet increased demand and minimize stockouts.


4. Optimize your Amazon Product Listings

Ensure that your product listings are optimized to maximize visibility and conversion rates. Start with keyword research to identify relevant search terms that customers might use. Incorporate these keywords into your product titles, bullet points, and product descriptions to improve your chances of appearing in search results. Use high-quality images and compelling A+ content to showcase your products effectively and engage potential buyers.

5. Offer Competitive Prime Day Deals and Discounts

Prime Exclusive Deals

Prime Exclusive Deals are exclusive discounts offered on Amazon that are specifically available to Prime members. These deals do not require any additional charges, and customers can enjoy the discounts without the need to clip or redeem any offers as they are automatically applied.

To be eligible for Prime Exclusive Deals, Amazon has more stringent requirements compared to coupons. To access Prime Exclusive Discounts, simply navigate to your Amazon Seller Central page click on the “Advertising” drop-down menu and select the “Prime Exclusive Discount” option

Prime Day Exclusive Discounts

Coupon Deal

If certain products are not eligible for Prime Day discounts, you can offer exclusive coupons for those items. Coupons provide a percentage or fixed amount off the regular price, allowing you to encourage customers to make a purchase. By promoting these coupon deals during the event, you can attract shoppers who may have an interest in your products but are hesitant to buy as they are actively seeking the best deals on Amazon.

Coupons to offer prime day deals

Lightning Deals

Amazon’s Lightning Deals are limited-time offers that feature discounted prices on a specific quantity of units. These deals are available for a set period, usually lasting between 4 to 12 hours as determined by Amazon, or until the entire inventory is sold.

A strategic approach involves scheduling Lightning Deals following Prime Day week, as this can generate excitement and capture the attention of customers who are still in a shopping mindset. Please note that as a brand, you can choose just the appropriate week or event for scheduling your deals, and Amazon will ultimately determine the specific day and time for running the deal.

Lightning Deals

Prime Day Promotions

These are exclusive deals and discounts offered by Amazon only to Prime members during a specific 48-hour event. Amazon Sellers can create different types of promotion deals like Buy $35 worth of product and get 5% off, buy two get one free, etc. You can also leverage social media by creating a specific social media promo code and sharing it with your audiences.


6. Create a dedicated subcategory page in your Amazon Store exclusively for Prime offerings

To make it easier for potential shoppers to browse and discover all your Prime deals and discounts, create a dedicated subpage in your Amazon store and list all products with running deals.

Utilize Amazon Store-linked Sponsored Brands ads to advertise your Prime-exclusive deals and direct shoppers to the Prime-specific subpage on your store. Furthermore, if you’re running off-Amazon ads, driving traffic to the deal-specific page can increase the likelihood of conversion from that traffic.

7. Adjust Bids for Prime Day

Given the increased competition during Prime Day, it’s crucial to adjust your bids accordingly to maintain visibility. Amazon provides bid range recommendations specifically for Prime Day. Consider setting your bids to the maximum amount you can afford to pay for a click to remain competitive.

Adbrew’s Bid Automation allows you to automate bid adjustments based on performance metrics such spends, ACOS, sales, and Top of Search Impression Share, unlocking granular campaign optimization, and driving superior results.

8. Review Your Daily Budget for Higher Traffic

Prepare for a spike in impressions and clicks on your Amazon Prime Day ads, which can increase sales but may exhaust your budget quicker than usual. Make sure to allocate a significantly higher budget to your campaigns during this high-traffic event to maximize prime day performance.

Get ready for the surge in traffic! Use Adbrew to set up campaign budget automation. Increase your campaign budgets during Prime Day based on the dynamics of vital metrics tracked using Amazon Marketing Stream. Keep your campaigns active and capitalize on the influx of potential customers.

9. Ensure early setup and testing of your Amazon advertising-specific campaigns

To maximize the visibility of prime exclusive deals products, it is advisable to create new campaigns. Utilize the tactics and successes of previous sales event campaigns as a guide in creating these new campaigns.

Additionally, it is important to create these campaigns at least one or two weeks before the big sale event. This is because certain campaign types, such as Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Brand Video Ads, may require approval from the Amazon ads team. Furthermore, some new campaigns may take time to get impressions, so creating them in advance allows for ample preparation.

Campaign Setup

10. Setup Remarketing Campaign for Post Prime Day

Setting up a remarketing campaign for the post-Prime Day period is a smart strategy to re-engage potential customers who showed interest in your products during the event. By creating a remarketing campaign, you encourage users to revisit your listings and reconsider their purchase.


Amazon Prime Day has emerged as one of the most significant shopping events for both savvy shoppers focused on saving money and sellers aiming to increase their sales. Last year, Prime Day amassed approximately $11.8 billion in sales, and this figure is projected to rise even higher this year.

For Amazon sellers, Prime Day presents an incredible opportunity to boost product sales. With the event just a few weeks away, there is still time to adequately prepare. In this blog post, we have shared some valuable tips to help you get ready for this massive shopping extravaganza.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Amazon Prime Fall Deall Event?

The Amazon Prime Fall Deal Event is a relatively new shopping event, launched in 2022, that’s exclusive to shoppers with Prime membership. It’s like a mini-Prime Day for the autumn season, offering a two-day window of deals and discounts across various categories.

How much does the average person spend on Prime Day?

The average Prime Day spend per order in the US was $56.64 in 2023, up from $53.14 in 2022.

Should I offer discounts and deals for Prime Day?

Absolutely! Prime Day is all about deals. Participate in Amazon’s Lightning Deals and Daily Deals programs to grab shopper attention. Offer competitive discounts on your best-selling and highlyrated products.

How to Prepare for Prime Day?

Inventory: Ensure you have enough stock for your best-selling products, considering past Prime Day trends and sales forecasts.

Listings: Optimize product listings with relevant keywords, high-quality images, and clear descriptions.

Pricing: Set competitive prices and consider offering Prime Day discounts, Lightning Deals, or coupons.

Promotions: Run targeted ad campaigns and promotions leading up to and during Prime Day.

Logistics: Ensure your shipping and fulfillment processes are efficient to handle the increased order volume.

What are the biggest mistakes to avoid on Prime Day?

Inventory Mishaps: Running out of stock or having inaccurate inventory levels can lead to missed sales and frustrated customers.

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