Amazon PPC Catch-All Campaign: Get Extra Sales at a Lower ACOS


Have you ever heard of a “catch-all campaign”?

This single campaign can generate extra sales for you at a very low ACOS.

Are you curious to know what a catch-all campaign is and how it works?

Let’s delve into it…

What is a Catch-All Campaign?

The “Catch All” campaign is precisely what it sounds like: an auto campaign that advertises all your products at a minimal bid to capture any low-hanging searches related to what you’re selling.

Benefits of a Catch-All Campaign:

The primary benefit is customer acquisition at a very low ACOS. Due to the campaign’s low bid, it receives clicks at a significantly lower CPC than other auto and manual campaigns running on the same account, resulting in conversions at an extremely low ACOS. Another benefit is that you get to harvest many profitable long-tail keywords that you may not have discovered during keyword research.

How to Launch an Amazon PPC Catch-All Campaign?

Now that you know why you should run a catch-all campaign, let’s learn how to launch one.

Here is the step-by-step process to launch a catch-all campaign for your brand:

Step 1 – Create an auto campaign from your AMS account.

Step 2 – Add all the products that you’re selling on Amazon.

Step 3 – Set a very low bid (ranging from $0.1 to $0.25) for all four match types (close, loose, substitute, and complement).

That’s it!

Three Tips to Keep in Mind While Running a Catch-All Campaign:

  1. Don’t increase the bids: You might be tempted by the low ACOS to increase your bids and get more sales from this campaign. However, keep in mind that this campaign strategy’s effectiveness is primarily due to a significantly low bid. Once you increase the bid, it will become a similar auto campaign that you might already be running.

  2. Don’t use the Placement Modifier: You may notice the most impressions coming from the rest of the search placement due to the low bid. You should not increase the top of the search to gain more visibility in the top of the search placement.

  3. Don’t Aggressively Negate Keywords: Avoid aggressively negating search terms by observing your ads getting triggered on many broadly related keywords & ASINS. We recommend waiting for at least 20–25 clicks before negating search terms.

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