How Totalyty Efficiently Managed Multiple Brands Using Adbrew




Increase in sales



Decrease in ACOS



Uplift in market visibility



Monthly time saved by Agency

The Agency

Totalyty is a digital marketing agency based in Sydney, Australia. They’ve been involved with e-commerce marketing and the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) industry and have been able to provide perfectly curated solutions to their clients (the brands). They have been producing exceptional results with their strategies and managing multiple brands of high value. They have a wide-ranging portfolio of brands that span the food, pet, and household industries. With accounts varying over a large range, there is a constant need to be more strategic and industrious in managing the accounts.

Objectives and Challenges

As the number of brands increases, managing them manually and implementing bespoke marketing strategies becomes a challenge if not entirely impossible. The capabilities given by Amazon Ad Console are not enough to automate the manual processes and don’t provide accessible insights that help in easily managing multiple brands. So developing strategies, launching campaigns, monitoring, reporting, and many such requirements could not be fulfilled by Amazon Ad Console alone. There were several challenges along the way in managing these brands and some of the major ones were:

  • Lack of customized automation
  • Lack of an on-demand, accessible, and insightful dashboard
  • Need for more resources to constantly monitor the brands

Every brand demands a different kind of strategy and would take up significant resources to manually follow the conventional steps of managing an account. The need of the hour was automation and features that make reporting/analytics a simple task.

The capabilities given by Adbrew are unparalleled. The ability to monitor all the accounts consistently, ease of analytics, and insights has been excellent. Automation and features like Share of Voice (SOV), Campaign Launcher, etc. have been vital in increasing our brands' visibility by 63% and our sales on Amazon saw an increase of 56.9%. With Adbrew, we are able to easily identify optimization opportunities, and trends in the market with just a few clicks. In terms of growth, Totalyty and the portfolio we manage have been constantly progressing. Partnering up with Adbrew has been a great decision.
Warren Coxall
Founder, Totalyty

The Solution

Totalyty was able to leverage Adbrew to ensure that the performance of the portfolio is improved and the time taken to do so is decreased significantly.


Managing an account requires a lot of manual work. From launching the campaigns to changing bids or negating targets and many such requisites are tedious tasks that needed to be automated. With Adbrew’s rulesets, they were able to automate bid management, budget management, target harvesting, and campaign management. They developed strategies specific to each brand and formulated rulesets that helped automate processes and generate value immediately. The automation setup reduced time-consuming tasks by a significant margin of 120+ hrs per month.


Adbrew’s Audit feature analyzes all the metrics and produces a report every day which surfaces optimization opportunities. The Totalyty team was able to quickly identify areas where the accounts were lacking and plugged those gaps.

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Campaign Launcher

Manually launching campaigns for a newly onboarded account could be time-consuming. Campaign Launcher in Adbrew can help launch multiple campaigns and has been able to do so which indeed saved a lot of time. Totalyty was able to launch full-funnel campaigns across their catalog with Adbrew. The full-funnel campaigns comprised of Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display campaigns in just a few clicks.

Ranking and Share of Voice

By being able to measure the brand’s standing in the market, the Totalyty team devised strategies to increase their portfolio’s visibility on Amazon. They used ranking trends and hourly Share of Voice results to optimize their campaigns and drastically improve their organic and sponsored visibility.

Smart AI Recommendations

Adbrew uses proprietary algorithms to generate recommendations that are in line with the account’s objectives. Smart recommendations can be a quick way to apply bids, negatives, or target optimization. The team at Totalyty periodically reviewed Smart Recommendations along and applied them for ad-hoc optimizations.


Leveraging Adbrew’s state-of-the-art automation, Totalyty was able to save 120+ monthly hours of work. With Adbrew’s analytics, insights, and smart recommendations, their portfolio of brands saw an increase in sales by 56.9% & decrease in ACOS by 31.6%. In addition, the Share of Voice (SOV) tracking helped increase the market visibility of their brands by up to 78.5%.

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