September 12, 2023

Adbrew has been recognized as an Amazon Ads Partner Awards Finalist in 4 Categories


We are thrilled to announce that Adbrew has been recognized as a finalist for the 2023 Amazon Ads Partner Awards in four distinct categories: the Technology Innovation Award, the Challenger EMEA Award, the Performance APAC Award, and the Challenger APAC Award.

Technology Innovation Award

The Technology Innovation Award acknowledges a partner who was able to build upon Amazon Ads Advanced Tools or ad tech products to develop a scalable technology solution that solves an advertiser need.

Adbrew has consistently been among the early adopters of APIs, integrating new functionalities and features into the platform. Last year, Adbrew were among the first few partners to not only incorporate Amazon marketing stream data into the dashboard but also to develop innovative solutions for automating budget optimization based on hourly budget usage. One of the partners was able to 2x their sales through budget usage insights and automation built by Adbrew.

Challenger EMEA Award

The next category in which Adbrew is recognized as a joint finalist along with Seller Presto is the Challenger EMEA Award. This award recognizes partners who delivered an impactful strategy that exceeded their client’s business objectives despite a limited budget.

Using Adbrew, Seller Presto successfully reduced ACOS from 131% to 17% within a span of six months for a newly launched brand on Amazon.

Performance APAC Award

Adbrew is also honored to be finalists for the Performance APAC Award which recognizes a partner who leveraged multiple Amazon Ads products to help a brand optimize their campaign strategy to help drive substantial business growth and engage shoppers across the customer journey, from brand discovery, to purchase, customer loyalty, and beyond.

One of the clients, who had been grappling with stagnant growth in a competitive category, managed to increase their ad sales by 49%, total sales by 31%, and new-to-brand sales by 99% using Adbrew comprehensive full-funnel campaign strategy and plans.

Challenger APAC Award

Last but certainly not least, Adbrew has been honored to be joint finalist along with Totalyty in the Challenger APAC Award. This award recognizes partners who delivered an impactful strategy that exceeded their client’s business objectives despite a limited budget. Using Adbrew, Totalyty was able to increase the ad sales for a FMCG brand by 15% quarter on quarter with a steady reduction of ACOS by~7.5% each quarter.

Thanks to Amazon Advertising for recognizing Adbrew as the finalists for four different categories, and thanks to our partners for always showing trust in us. Additionally, we extend special thanks to the dedicated Adbrew team, who work tirelessly behind the scenes to create great products and experiences for our customers.

The winners of the 2023 Amazon Ads Partner Awards will be officially announced on October 23, 2023. We wish the best of luck to all the finalists and keep our fingers crossed for the results!

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