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The Brand

Bringing over 20 years of kitchen industry expertise, Allo started as a D2C brand in 2019, redefining cooking with a focus on health and enjoyment. Their vibrant gadgets and versatile utensils make healthy cooking both fun and easy, empowering chefs of all levels. Allo fosters a community that celebrates food and well-being, promotes healthy eating habits, and provides tools that inspire creativity. By revolutionizing the culinary landscape, they make delicious and nutritious meals accessible to all, reshaping how people view cooking. Through their dedication, Allo encourages a culture where food is not just sustenance but a source of joy and nourishment for both body and soul, one delightful meal at a time.

Objectives and Challenges

In their efforts to boost sales and maximize account performance, Allo encountered numerous obstacles. They had a complex Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for optimizing their accounts that required careful manual attention, leading to inefficiencies and an increased likelihood of errors. Each new product launch required over ten campaigns, resulting in the management of hundreds of campaigns with tens of thousands of targets., further complicating their oversight. Managing this substantial workload manually demanded significant resources, hindering Allo’s ability to implement changes seamlessly. To address these challenges, Allo sought to automate SOP execution, reducing the need for manual interventions and gradually improving their account performance.

Adbrew transformed our advertising strategy, significantly boosting our revenue within couple of months, thanks to their Bid Automation feature. Their quick customer support resolves queries instantly, making it easy to get help when needed. Adbrew efficiently handles bid adjustments, product analysis, campaign management, dayparting, and SOV tracking, saving us time and driving results. Adbrew has become an essential tool for our team's success, providing everything we need to excel in our advertising efforts.
Jinay Allo
Jinay Gala
Founder, Allo

The Solution

Adbrew solution played a crucial role in efficiently addressing the challenges faced by Allo and doubling their sales. The brand adeptly utilized various features offered by Adbrew, which greatly helped them overcome the aforementioned obstacles.

Exhaustive Bid Management Ruleset

Allo developed a comprehensive bidding ruleset on Adbrew to enhance their account optimization by considering multiple factors. They tailored the rules to meet their specific needs, which could not be achieved without the criteria and attributes offered by Adbrew. This automation allowed actions based on performance analysis across different time frames, resulting in improved target optimization and better outcomes. Implementing the Adbrew bidding ruleset also saved Allo a significant amount of time.

Streamlined Account Optimization by Placement and Budget Automation

Allo enhanced their account performance and sales through Adbrew’s automation features. Utilizing placement ruleset automation like Top-of-Search, Rest-of-Search, and Product page, they adjusted placement modifiers based on campaign performance, optimizing spending and directing resources effectively. Budget automation ensured efficient budget management, preventing the early depletion of high-performing campaigns’ budgets. By tracking average budget usage and hours, Allo adjusted budgets daily, reverting changes to prevent compounding increases. These automation strategies minimized manual effort in budget management, contributing to overall account optimization and increased sales.

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Optimizing the account using Adbrew’s Smart Recommendations

Allo implemented more than 2500 smart recommendations to make their account optimization more efficient. These suggestions were incredibly useful because they helped the brand identify which targets weren’t yeilding any result. This helped Allo add such targets as negatives. Moreover, the smart recommendations also pointed out search terms that were performing well but were missing some match types. By acting on these insights from the negative and missing target recommendations, Allo made their optimization process much simpler. This meant they could manage their account more effectively, leading to better results overall.


  • By leveraging Adbrew’s advanced automation solution, Allo was able to achieve the desirable results. They managed to increase their Ad sales by 100.15% and saw a significant increase in total sales by 124.75%.
  • The number of orders increased by 129.93% with the help of Adbrew’s automation solution.
  • Allo saved 150+ hours of monthly time that they would have otherwise spent on leveraging all the levers to increase sales manually. They only spent time defining the plan. Its implementation was done by Adbrew’s automation.

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