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The Brand

CasperMe is an art studio that offers a wide artistic collection of wall hangings, framed posters, canvas paintings, and much more from top artists and renowned architects specially designed for your place to make it picture perfect. It has one of India’s largest ever collections and is considered as a one-stop wall art store.

Objectives and Challenges

CasperMe is a niche brand. They had a budget constraint and wanted to optimize their ads within that constraint while boosting sales and rankings. Since it is a crowded category, brand awareness is of utmost importance. Through our SOV and search term tracking, we identified that CasperMe’s products weren’t ranking well organically on some of the most valuable keywords. As a result, their top of search share of voice was almost non-existent.

CasperMe has 2000+ paintings, and most of the paintings are either very specific or very generic. For instance, nature and abstract are 2 examples of generic paintings, while Lord Shiva is an example of a very specific painting. It was important for us to be very careful with the targeting as we could end up wasting a lot of spend on irrelevant keywords.

We discussed these challenges and devised a plan and worked with CasperMe to help them achieve their objective.

We had been doing fairly well on Amazon, but were struggling to boost our share of voice on the digital shelf. Our competitors were occupying most of the top of search and sponsored brand spots. The team at Adbrew stepped up and dramatically boosted our rankings, which also ramped up our organic sales. They’ve been managing 2000+ products with great ease and quality. They’ve delivered results beyond our expectations and we’ll be collaborating with them on more brands that I plan to launch soon.
Abhi Gupta
CEO, CasperMe

The Solution

Product Grouping and Campaign Launch

As with all other brands, the first step was to organize and group the 2000+ products. We grouped these products into categories like Lord Shiva, Nature, Abstract, etc, and launched new campaigns for them. We then used Adbrew’s campaign launcher to launch 70+ campaigns at one go.

Target Harvesting and Bid Automation

We kept the structure simple with a single auto campaign, and other campaigns for a broad, phrase, etc. We then set up automated funnels from auto to broad, phrase, exact, and product campaigns using Adbrew’s target movement offering.
We ensured we set up aggressive bid automation since we were working within a constrained budget. The automation rules were restrictive and ensured no budget was wasted on keywords that weren’t performing.

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Budget Management Using Dayparting

In the first few days, we noticed that the campaigns were running out of budget early in the morning. This meant we were missing opportunities during times when shoppers were most active. We looked at the order data and created a dayparting strategy that ensured we were only advertising during the busiest hours. This led to a dramatic increase in the performance of the ads, while on a constrained budget.

“With the help of dayparting, we were able to reduce spending by 17% while still increasing sales by 89%.”

Ranking and Share of Voice

Using Adbrew’s search term tracking, we started monitoring our hero keywords. Once we started dayparting, we noticed a considerable improvement in our rankings, but our top of search SOV was still low. We then started doubling down on our Sponsored Brands campaigns. At the same time, we used Adbrew’s search results tracker and heavily targeted competitors’ ASINs that were showing up ahead of us.


Over a period of 7 months, CasperMe’s ranking improved dramatically by 10 basis points (averaged across all hero keywords). We also saw the top of search SOV improve by 164% (again averaged across all hero keywords that were monitored). With the help of dayparting, we were able to reduce spending by 17% while still increasing sales by 89%.

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