Lean With Lilly increases new product sales with the help of Adbrew and Seller Presto



Decrease in ACOS



Increase in Sales



Increase in CVR


Increase in Search Visibility

Everybody—and every body—deserves to be fit, confident, and strong. Health and wellness company Lean With Lilly reaches over 4 million customers around the world, educating and empowering them to live a healthier life no matter their body type or fitness level. In 2021, the exercise and fitness brand expanded to food, offering all-natural alternatives to the artificial supplements saturating the industry.

In 2022, Lean With Lilly launched a new greens supplement on the Amazon store in the U.K., but faced competition from established brands with long-standing listings. Advertising cost of sales (ACOS) began to creep up, so Lean With Lilly reached out to Amazon Ads partners Adbrew and Seller Presto for help boosting monthly sales, increasing visibility, and optimizing ACOS on a tight budget.

Creating a tailored marketing campaign

Adbrew and Seller Presto helped Lean With Lilly create a marketing campaign to accomplish several objectives: increase month-over-month sales for the product, improve share of voice, boost conversion rate, and achieve an ACOS of less than 25%. To get the most out of their limited budget, the partners conducted a thorough analysis to identify the appropriate audience to reach and the optimal keywords to use.

Adbrew and Seller Presto created Sponsored Products campaigns using long-tail keywords to reach shoppers already familiar with the brand. They also used branded terms in their keywords to make it easy for these shoppers to find the new product. To attract new customers, they created both broad-based and phrase-focused discovery campaigns.

To optimize ad spend, the partners closely monitored the campaign’s performance and the brand’s digital presence to make timely adjustments to the strategy. Using Amazon Marketing Stream (AMS), they obtained hourly campaign performance information to increase bids during busy hours and decrease bids when traffic slowed. They also implemented a share-of-voice tracking system to shed light on Lean With Lilly’s visibility. And they employed automation tools using insights from Amazon Ads API to adjust bids, budget more effectively, determine keywords, and optimize the campaign.

Lean with lilly and Seller Presto
Adbrew and Seller Presto’s comprehensive, data-backed ad strategy brought remarkable results in just 6 months. They have played a vital role in helping us achieve these outstanding results. Their expertise, data-driven approach, and relentless optimization efforts significantly improved our visibility, profitability, and market share.
Chris Astill-Smith
Managing Director of Food Supplements at Lean With Lilly

Improving sales and visibility within budget

Lean With Lilly achieved their campaign goals while remaining comfortably within budget. Between September 2022 and April 2023, ACOS decreased by 85%.1 During this same period, ad-attributed sales soared by 11,105%,2 and the product’s conversion rate increased by 124%.3


Visibility also improved for Lean With Lilly. Their share of voice went from less than 1% to over 5% in search results during the campaign.4 The product’s rank also jumped more than 100 places during April 2023.5 These results indicate the value of long-tail hero keywords and other ad optimizations.


This campaign earned Adbrew and Seller Presto a Challenger Award finalist position and showed them the importance of three key strategic elements. First, they learned the value of dayparting with AMS insights to optimize cost-effectiveness. Second, they found that prioritizing long-tail keywords can help grow brands over time while optimizing ad spend. Finally, they discovered the benefits of using automation to implement strategies more quickly and consistently. They plan to apply these learnings and insights to continue delivering results for clients.

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Source – Originally Published on Amazon Ads.

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