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The Agency

Seller Circle is a leading Amazon Ads Advanced partner, dedicated to helping brands and sellers excel in the Amazon marketplace. Since 2017, the agency has empowered over 6,000 businesses with a data-driven approach and comprehensive services, including new product launches, catalog design, brand store design, go-to-market strategies, and growth management. Their holistic approach to account management is supported by a team of 50+ certified advertising experts, ensuring brands reach their full potential. With a proven track record and over 150 brands under their management, Seller Circle is a trusted partner for scaling and achieving success on Amazon.

Objectives and Challenges

Seller Circle had a set of critical objectives that drove their strategic decisions. First and foremost, they needed an adaptable platform to effectively oversee a portfolio of 130+ clients. This platform had to be flexible enough to accommodate the unique requirements of each client, enabling streamlined, automated, and personalized services while saving crucial manual hours.

In addition to client-specific management, Seller Circle aimed to enhance their control and visibility into the performance of their accounts. Achieving this required a platform equipped with advanced analytics capabilities. Striking the right balance between task automation and maintaining control was pivotal to their success. To meet these challenges, they sought scalable and customizable automation solutions that would optimize operational efficiency while granting them a higher level of control over account performance.

Adbrew has truly transformed the way we approach ad campaign management. Its user-friendly interface and powerful analytics capabilities make navigating complex rules and settings effortless, saving us valuable time and streamlining the teams workflow. The exceptional customer service further enhances the experience, ensuring that any questions or concerns are promptly addressed. The benefits of Adbrew are undeniable. Automating repetitive tasks and providing insightful data to optimize campaigns effectively, has empowered us to focus on more strategic aspects of campaign optimization and creative development. Adbrew isn't just a tool—it's a solution to the challenges faced by ad managers, revolutionizing the way we approach digital advertising.
Anthony Seller Circle
Anthony Cyrus
Founder & CEO , Seller Circle

The Solution

Seller Circle partnered with Adbrew to utilize its unique capabilities to address these challenges effectively.

Precise Resource Allocation

Leveraging Adbrew’s automation capabilities around bid management, target harvesting, campaign budget, and placement modifier management, the agency meticulously adhered to stringent spend allocation targets across diverse clients and categories. This precision in resource allocation ensured that their financial objectives were met efficiently, saving significant time and resources.

Streamlined Campaign Management

Adbrew’s Campaign Launcher played a pivotal role in saving valuable time. It helped Seller Circle maintain a uniform campaign structure across multiple accounts, enhancing operational efficiency and consistency in their campaigns.

Advanced Insights

Seller Circle leveraged the Smart recommendations and Audit capabilities offered by Adbrew, thereby accessing high-level insights into actionable opportunities for performance optimization. By utilizing Adbrew’s smart recommendations and account audit feature, the agency significantly enhanced their ability to control and manage their account performance effectively. This comprehensive approach not only provided valuable insights but also empowered Seller Circle to make informed decisions aimed at maximizing their advertising performance

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Comprehensive Reporting

Seller Cirlce used the Adbrew’s dashboard for creating performance reports for their customers. Through the dashboard, the agency could create an exhaustive report with a few clicks and that report would cover a detailed analysis of the accounts the agency was managing. Adbrew also allowed to export these reports which helped the agency to improve their client communication.

Dayparting using Amazon Marketing Stream Data

By harnessing the Adbrew Dayparting feature, Seller Circle could delve into hourly data and discern performance fluctuations across different hours on various days of the week. Seller Circle started witnessing positive outcomes through the implementation of a dayparting strategy, optimizing elements like bids, placements, and budget to enhance performance. By utilizing Amazon marketing stream data, the agency managed to increase their visibility in Top of Search placement and increased their conversion rate by 32.35%.


The adoption of Adbrew’s solutions has yielded significant and measurable results for the portfolio of accounts within Seller Circle.

  • Time Savings: Seller Circle saved valuable time, with a weekly time-saving equivalent of 20+ hours per resource. Along with this, they gained a monthly time-saving of 1100+ hours in analytics, allowing the team to focus on strategic endeavors.
  • Performance Improvements for clients: Seller Circle achieved an impressive 22.89% reduction in Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS), reflecting the optimization of ad spend allocation by automation. Total sales saw a remarkable 351.54% increase, indicating the effective application of their strategies via Adbrew and improved account performance.
  • Increasing Conversion Rate: The Agency by utilizing Hourly Performance Report managed to boost the conversion rate from 6.8% to 9%.
  • Agency’s growth: The agency has managed to attract more clients since their tenure with Adbrew. Seller Circle has increased its customer acquisition by four times in two years after subscribing to Adbrew.

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