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When Australian healthy snack brand Bounce wanted to elevate their keto bars along with other offerings under their brand umbrella, they knew that ballooning their budget wasn’t an option. Instead, they turned to Adbrew and Totalyty with a mission: to improve performance and profitability.

Together, Adbrew and Totalyty crafted a campaign that optimized Bounce’s ad spend and resonated with Australian consumers. Adbrew’s and Totalyty’s vision and innovative approach helped boost Bounce’s sales—and secured the two partners the title of 2023 Challenger Award finalist.

Balancing Bounce’s ambitious goals with a limited budget

Bounce wanted their products to be the first choice for health-conscious Australians searching for snacks. Despite the company offering low-carb, plant-based snacks, their advertising metrics revealed underwhelming results.

In May 2022, Bounce’s advertising cost of sales (ACOS) showed that nearly half of their revenue went toward advertising expenses. Bounce then set an ambitious goal to boost their visibility on Amazon without overspending. Specifically, they wanted to increase their month-over-month profits while keeping their advertising budget below 15% of the prior month’s sales.

Connecting Bounce to broader audiences

To help Bounce improve performance and profitability, Adbrew and Totalyty focused on introducing different audience strategies and ad types to engage with shoppers throughout the buying journey. Adding to the existing Sponsored Products campaigns, the strategy implemented Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Brands video. Adbrew and Totalyty segmented the products to focus advertising spend on the most profitable search terms.1

Next, the focus shifted to reaching likely customers. Adbrew and Totalyty delved into keyword and product research to optimize where they allocated Bounce’s budget. This approach helped Bounce’s offerings reach their intended audience, keeping extra expenses in check.

Finally, the partners introduced additional ad types to reach a broader audience. They also used new measurement solutions to help them gain insights to optimize campaigns. First, they amplified share of voice by launching ranking-specific Sponsored Brands campaigns. Next, they deployed Sponsored Display campaigns to reengage with customers who had shown previous interest in Bounce’s products. These initiatives increased product awareness and engagement. Additionally, Adbrew and Totalyty used Amazon Marketing Stream to receive hourly campaign metrics. Adbrew observed that ads had a higher conversion rate during the early hours of the day, so the partners implemented a dayparting strategy to help increase sales and ad efficiency.

Totalyty and Adbrew generated more sales in three months than we had achieved on our own in the previous 12 months combined. I highly recommend you reach out to them if your plan is to have Amazon be part of your sales strategy for the online channel.
Stephen Hamilton
CEO, Bounce

Savoring rewarding results

From March 2022 to April 2023, Bounce achieved its goal of boosting sales. Each quarter, ad sales increased by 15%, and total sales grew by 12%.2 This consistent growth shows that the ad strategy expanded Bounce’s customer base and drove new sales.

In addition, the brand met their budgeting goals throughout the campaign. Bounce decreased their ACOS by 7.5% quarterly, dropping from 40.4% in April 2022 to 27.6% in April 2023.3 The total advertising cost of sales remained stable at 13.6%, demonstrating cost-effective results.4

Becoming 2023 Challenger Award finalists for the APAC region is a testament to Adbrew’s and Totalyty’s expertise.

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Source – Originally Published on Amazon Ads.

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