How VistaFunnel Scaled an Electronics Brand’s sales by 77% on Amazon Using Adbrew




Increase in sales



Decrease in ACOS



Uplift in Organic Ranking



Monthly time saved by Agency

The Agency

Vista Funnel is an Indian Digital Marketing Agency that helps Amazon e-commerce businesses by providing tailored strategies with a mix of paid and unpaid promotions, to enhance their e-commerce presence through Amazon Vendor Central and Seller Central Marketing. They are a team of experts in Amazon advertising and strategy, optimizing PPC campaigns to lower advertising costs and increase organic placements, and leveraging other opportunities to grow overall sales.

The Brand

The brand featured in this case study is an internationally recognized electronic company whose primary goal is to provide flawless Audio Video (AV) experience to its customers. They are best known for their easy-to-use audio video electronic devices such as travel adapters, HDMI splitters, HDMI extenders, audio extractors, video converters, HDMI switches, HDMI Matrix, etc. This brand has been associated with Vista Funnel for the past 3 years.

Objectives and Challenges

The brand has witnessed consistent month-on-month results from their PPC efforts at a reasonably good ACOS (~20%). VistaFunnel wanted to leverage Adbrew to scale their PPC sales while maintaining their existing ACOS of 20% and also save time on the manual effort required for day-to-day PPC management activities. They explored multiple Amazon PPC Automation platforms and closed on Adbrew. A dedicated PPC expert was assigned to Vista Funnel to onboard the team on Adbrew, help them with growth strategies, and answer any queries in weekly 1:1s.

Our overall experience with Adbrew has been great. Earlier, optimizing bids required significant manual work. Thanks to Adbrew’s auto bid optimization, we could spend those hours strategizing ads effectively. The audit features enabled us to identify which ad structures were missing at the ASIN level. The dashboard is simple to use and provides extremely meaningful insights. Within two months, we have seen a 77% growth in our accounts. Smart recommendations, one of the features that helps us lower or raise bids on performing or non-performing keywords, is based on AI and ML. Adbrew’s team is always available by phone or email, especially the founders are actively involved with us, which makes us want to keep doing business with them
Bilal Kothawala

The Solution

VistaFunnel, along with the Adbrew team devised a strategy that consisted of the following action steps.

Automated Amazon PPC Account Audit

Leveraging Adbrew’s smart Account Audit feature, they were able to quickly identify the scaling bottlenecks in the account. Since it was a big account – 450+ ASINs and 1500+ campaigns, it was manually impossible to identify issues like – products for which a specific campaign type was not running or a targeting type was not used, campaigns where no negative keywords were added, or where placement modifiers were not being used. Using Adbrew’s Audit, they were able to get a comprehensive report on the improvement areas and recommendations.

Launching Sponsored Brands & Display Campaigns

As discovered in the audit report, the brand was seeing significantly higher conversion rate for SD campaigns but the spend on SD campaigns was very low (4.96%). Also, considering the nature of products, display remarketing campaigns were an ideal fit for them. They used Adbrew’s bulk campaign launching features to launch brands and display campaigns for more than 450 SKUs with a few clicks, increasing the spend on SD campaigns to 20%.

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Bid Automation using Custom Advanced Rules

VistaFunnel had a well-established SOP for managing bids earlier using Bulk Sheets. They had complex 15-20 hierarchical rule-based SOPs for different conditions and were using Amazon’s bulk sheet-based bid optimization mechanism. They could model the same strategy in Adbrew using Adbrew’s custom rules and remove all the manual work involved in updating 2K+ bids every week. These automated rule sets were intended to increase sales while being profitable with ad spending.

Ranking and Share of Voice

They also set up search term tracking to monitor organic ranking and share of voice for the brand. This helped them keep a track of their brand’s organic visibility, which ultimately helped them boost their organic sales.

“They also saw a significant improvement in the organic ranking of their hero keywords. Organic ranking for their hero search terms improved by 38.46%.”

Smart AI Recommendations

Powered by sophisticated AI, Adbrew’s smart recommendations feature delivers precise keyword bidding suggestions to take the guesswork out of optimization. VistaFunnel applied these smart recommendations every week to optimize the bids as well as negate the bleeding keywords.


  • VistaFunnel saved at least 60 hours of monthly time that they would have otherwise spent on analyzing the search term report, increasing or decreasing bids, negating irrelevant keywords, etc. The effort was spent only on defining the strategy and the execution was delegated to the platform.
  • They also saw a significant improvement in the organic ranking of their hero keywords. Organic ranking for their hero search terms improved by 38.46%.

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