What is Amazon Marketing Cloud? Benefits & Use Cases


In today’s data-driven era, brands can easily become disoriented without a complete understanding of how their target audiences are interacting with their ads.

Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) has revolutionized how brands make advertising decisions on the Amazon platform.

In this article, we will explore what Amazon Marketing Cloud is, its significance, and how you can gain access to it.

What is Amazon Marketing Cloud?

Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) is a secure, privacy-safe, and cloud-based cleanroom solution offered by Amazon Ads that consolidates reporting for various touchpoints both on and off Amazon.

With AMC, you can extract all your Amazon advertising data for different ad types, as well as, upload your own data to gain deeper insights across all channels. This enables you to comprehend the incremental value of each advertising campaign throughout the entire customer journey.

Use Case of Amazon Marketing Cloud

  1. Optimize Your Ad Sequence: Dive deep into your ad campaign effectiveness with AMC and discover the most impactful succession of ads. Whether it’s determining if a DSP ad followed by a Sponsored Brands ad and then a Sponsored Products ad yields the highest conversion rate or exploring other sequences, AMC empowers you to refine your advertising strategy for maximum impact.

  2. Audience Segmentation and Retargeting: Leverage AMC’s robust audience segmentation capabilities to isolate specific shopper groups. For instance, create a segment of users who recently added your product to their carts but haven’t completed the purchase in the last week. Then seamlessly retarget this audience through DSP to increase conversion rates and boost sales.

  3. Enhanced New-To-Brand Insights: Overcome the challenge of limited New-To-Brand statistics in Amazon’s sponsored ads ecosystem, especially for Sponsored Products. AMC provides the essential data on first-time brand buyers, allowing you to identify campaigns with a high New-To-Brand rate, ultimately enhancing your incrementality strategies. Gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior and make informed advertising decisions with AMC’s comprehensive insights.

  4. Find the Right Time to Conversion for Remarketing: With Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), you can precisely identify the optimal window of time for remarketing efforts. This involves determining how long it typically takes for a shopper to convert after their initial interaction with your brand. By analyzing historical data, you can pinpoint the ideal timing for re-engaging potential customers who may need a gentle nudge to complete their purchase. This strategic approach ensures that your remarketing campaigns are well-timed and effective in increasing conversion rates.

  5. Customer’s Lifetime Value: AMC can help you calculate and understand your customer’s lifetime value (CLV). By tracking customer behavior and purchase history, you can gain insights into which customer segments contribute the most revenue over time. Understanding CLV enables you to tailor your marketing strategies to retain and nurture high-value customers, ultimately boosting profitability and customer loyalty.

  6. Evaluate Your Omnichannel Impact and Strategy: With AMC insights, you can evaluate the impact of your marketing efforts across various channels and platforms beyond Amazon. This includes assessing the synergy between different media creative assets and platforms in driving sales and brand awareness. By understanding which combinations yield the best results, you can optimize your omnichannel marketing strategy. This approach ensures that your brand maintains a consistent and effective presence across multiple touchpoints, ultimately driving sales and maximizing your reach in the digital landscape.

Advantages of Amazon Marketing Cloud

  1. Enhanced Target Group Insights: AMC empowers you to gain a deeper understanding of your target audience. Analyze the intricate details of your product buyers, from demographics like gender, age, and income to their online activity patterns. With this knowledge, you can tailor your advertising strategies to effectively reach specific customer segments. For instance, if your data shows that a higher percentage of female customers purchase your products, you can fine-tune your ad designs accordingly. Similarly, by knowing when your customers are most active online or tend to make purchases, you can optimize your campaigns to align with these peak times.
  2. Advanced Attribution Model Creation: AMC provides the flexibility to develop new attribution models to assess the impact of different advertising investments on conversions. By assigning value propositions to various marketing channels, you can gain insights into which campaigns contribute most effectively to achieving your objectives. This enables you to make data-driven decisions when allocating your campaign budget, ensuring optimal results. Moreover, AMC’s ability to measure the influence of advertising on both your Amazon store and external online platforms offers a comprehensive view of your marketing performance.
  3. Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities: With Amazon Marketing Cloud, you can harness the power of high-quality reports and in-depth data analysis. These detailed insights provide a superior understanding of how customers engage with your products, fostering more efficient and strategic advertising efforts. By identifying the impact of your ads compared to competitors and understanding customer touchpoints, you can set your brand apart in the market and maintain a competitive edge. AMC’s comprehensive and flexible data retrieval options enhance your ability to make informed advertising decisions that drive success

How to get Access to Amazon Marketing Cloud?

Amazon Marketing Cloud offers advanced capabilities, but it’s not accessible to just anyone as of now. Amazon has established specific eligibility criteria for users of this marketing tool. To qualify for access, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be an advertiser or an advertising partner: Amazon Marketing Cloud is designed for advertisers and advertising partners who actively engage in advertising campaigns on the Amazon platform.
  2. Utilize Amazon DSP (demand-side platform): Access to AMC is granted to those who are actively using Amazon’s demand-side platform, which is an integral part of Amazon’s advertising ecosystem.
  3. Proficiency in SQL: To effectively leverage the full potential of Amazon Marketing Cloud, it’s essential to have team members who are proficient in writing SQL queries. SQL skills are crucial for extracting and analyzing the data available in AMC.
  4. An AWS Account: Accessing Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) requires an AWS (Amazon Web Services) account, as AMC is hosted on the AWS platform. An AWS account provides the necessary infrastructure for utilizing AMC’s advanced data analytics and marketing capabilities.

Before integrating Amazon Marketing Cloud into your marketing strategy, ensure that your team possesses the necessary skills and qualifications to make the most of this valuable tool. Then, you can visit this page and request for AMC access.

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In conclusion, Amazon Marketing Cloud presents an exciting opportunity for brands employing a diverse range of platforms and channels to advertise their products, such as Sponsored Ads and Amazon DSP. By consolidating all data and analytics into a single interface, it offers a comprehensive view of your media mix’s impact on customers throughout their buying journey

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