Amazon DSP vs SSP – How Do These Two Work Together?


Whether you’re an advertiser seeking to connect with engaged shoppers worldwide or a publisher looking to monetize your ad inventory effectively, Amazon has covered you.

Amazon DSP and Amazon SSP platforms empower you to navigate the complexities of programmatic advertising and achieve your marketing objectives.

In this blog post, we will help you understand the concepts of DSP and SSP and their roles and functionalities within the broader context of programmatic advertising.

What is Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform)?

A DSP is like a central marketplace where advertisers can programmatically buy ad space from multiple ad networks. Instead of manually negotiating with each website owner, advertisers can use a DSP to set their budget, and targeting criteria, and bid on ad placements in real time. This makes the process of buying ad space more efficient and effective.

Amazon DSP is available to both advertisers who sell products on Amazon and those who do not. It’s a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes who want to reach new customers and grow their brand.

Features of Amazon DSP:

Connecting with a Global Audience

Amazon DSP assists in reaching shoppers globally, spanning over 200 countries and territories. Advertisers can leverage Amazon’s rich data and targeting capabilities to identify their ideal customers based on demographics, interests, purchase history, and online behavior.

Real-Time Bidding for Optimal Ad Placement

Amazon DSP’s real-time bidding technology allows advertisers to compete for ad impressions in real-time, ensuring that ads are placed on the most relevant and impactful websites and apps.

Diverse Ad Formats

Amazon DSP supports various ad formats, including display, video, and audio. Advertisers can customize their ad campaigns to specific creative assets and campaign objectives, ensuring their messages resonate with the target audience.

Integration with Amazon Marketing Cloud for Advanced Analytics

Amazon DSP seamlessly integrates with Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), providing a unified platform for analyzing advertising campaigns on and off Amazon.

What is Amazon SSP(supply-side platform)?

An Amazon Supply-Side Platform (SSP) is a programmatic software platform that helps publishers, website owners, and app developers sell their ad inventory on ad exchange in real-time auctions. It acts as a one-stop shop for publishers, allowing them to manage their ad inventory, connect with multiple demand partners (advertisers and ad networks), and maximize their revenue.

Features of Amazon SSP:

Analytics Reports:

SSPs or supply-side platforms provide publishers with comprehensive reports on ad inventory performance. This information empowers publishers to make informed adjustments to digital ad inventory for better campaign results.

Inventory Management:

SSPs give publishers control over their ad inventory, allowing them to choose which types of ads to sell and manage the process efficiently.


SSPs can seamlessly integrate with other Ad Tech tools, offering publishers detailed insights. This integration enhances their ability to target the right audiences effectively.

Header Bidding:

Header bidding is a technology that allows publishers to request bids from multiple sources simultaneously, boosting their earnings in the entire process.

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Final Thought on Amazon DSP vs SSP

Amazon DSP and SSP are distinguished platforms in the programmatic advertising landscape. Amazon demand side platforms provide advertisers access to a vast network of high-quality publishers, including Amazon’s properties, with advanced targeting capabilities and integrated reporting tools for optimized campaigns.

On the other hand, Amazon SSP empowers publishers to monetize their ad inventory effectively by connecting them to a diverse range of advertisers. This ensures competitive prices for ad impressions, supported by comprehensive reporting and analytics for tracking inventory performance.

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