Amazon DSP for Brand Building


In today’s digital world, building a strong online brand is crucial for businesses of all sizes.

While Amazon advertising solutions have become the go-to medium for sellers to drive traffic to their product pages and increase sales, their capabilities extend beyond just bottom-of-funnel conversion.

This blog post will explore how brands, even those that don’t sell on Amazon directly, can leverage the power of Amazon DSP to build brand awareness and reach new audiences.

Let’s start from the basics.

What is Brand Building?

Brand building is the gradual and continuous effort to create and strengthen the identity of a brand. It focuses on developing a consistent and easily recognizable image that reflects the brand’s values, personality, and quality.

This process aims to foster positive perceptions among the target audience, build brand loyalty, and differentiate the brand from competitors. It involves activities like clear communication, engaging with customers, and ensuring a consistent brand experience at different points of interaction.

Why is it Important?

Brand building is important for the following reasons:

Establishes Trust: A strong brand instills confidence in potential customers, leading to higher conversion rates and repeat purchases.

Differentiates from Competitors: In a crowded marketplace, effective branding sets you apart, making your products or services memorable and preferred over competitors.

Drives Customer Loyalty: Building a brand identity creates emotional connections with customers, fostering loyalty and encouraging them to choose your brand over others.

Facilitates Growth: Brand recognition and reputation attract new customers, expand market reach, and open opportunities for expansion into new product lines or markets.

What is Amazon DSP?

Amazon DSP, or Amazon Demand-Side Platform, is a programmatic advertising solution provided by Amazon. It allows advertisers to programmatically buy display and video ad placements across Amazon’s sites, apps, devices, and third-party websites and apps through real-time bidding.

This platform enables advertisers to reach targeted audiences on and off Amazon, using Amazon’s rich data insights to optimize ad campaigns and drive brand awareness, consideration, and sales.

Why Amazon DSP is Best for Brand Building?

Robust First-Party Data:

Amazon boasts a massive amount of first-party customer behavior data, giving advertisers the ability to create highly targeted campaigns that reach the right audience. This can be crucial for brand building, as it allows brands to connect with potential customers who are already interested in similar products or exhibit buying behaviors that align with the brand’s target demographic.

Granular Targeting and Control:

Amazon DSP audience targeting capabilities go beyond simple demographic targeting by utilizing Amazon’s extensive first-party data, enabling you to pinpoint audiences according to their previous purchase patterns, browsing activities, and lifestyle preferences. This hyper-focused precision ensures that your advertisements reach potential audiences to increase brand awareness.

Expand Reach Beyond Amazon

Amazon DSP goes beyond just advertising on It allows brands to place ads on a variety of websites and apps across the internet, reaching potential customers who might not be actively browsing Amazon at the moment. This broadens brand exposure and increases the chance of capturing customers at various stages of their buying journey.

Brand Safe Placements:

Unlike certain programmatic platforms, Amazon DSP prioritizes brand safety. Their strict quality controls ensure your ads appear in reputable and relevant environments, protecting your brand image from association with undesirable content. This is crucial for building trust and maintaining a positive brand reputation.

Diverse Ad Types

Amazon DSP offers a wide range of ad types, including video ads, audio ads, OTT ads, REC ads, and others. These ads differ from their Sponsored Ads counterparts, such as Sponsored Brands or Sponsored Display Video ads, and can be placed both on and off Amazon. Each ad type plays a vital role in conveying the brand message.

Integration with Amazon Marketing Cloud:

Amazon DSP seamlessly integrates with the Amazon Marketing Cloud, allowing you to leverage a suite of tools for reporting, analytics, and measurement. This comprehensive platform provides valuable insights into your brand-building efforts, helping you refine your strategy for maximum impact.

How to Use Amazon DSP for Brand Building?

Amazon DSP offers a powerful toolset for building brand awareness and reaching a wider audience. Here’s how you can effectively utilize it for brand building:

Define Your Goals and Target Customers

Set clear goals: What are you aiming to achieve? Is it increased brand awareness, website traffic, or engagement with your brand story?

Identify your ideal customer: Who are you trying to reach? Understanding demographics, interests, and customer behavior is crucial for targeting them effectively.

Develop a Compelling Brand Message:

Craft a story: Instead of just listing features, tell a compelling narrative that resonates with your target audience and conveys your brand’s values.

Focus on visuals: Use high-quality images and videos and highlight your brand logo to capture attention and accurately represent your brand.

Keep it concise: In the fast-paced online world, clear and concise messaging is vital.

Leverage Targeting Options:

Amazon DSP offers various targeting options: Leverage demographics, interests, purchase behavior, and in-market audiences to reach the right people at the right time.

Optimize and Track Performance:

Monitor: Regularly track your advertising campaign performance using relevant metrics such as impressions, click-through rate, and brand awareness metrics like ad recall.

A/B test different ad elements: Test variations of your creatives, headlines, and targeting options to see what resonates best with your audience.

Refine your strategy: Utilize Amazon Marketing Cloud to perform a deep analysis based on your data. Fine-tune your approach to improve performance and maximize your ROAS (return on ad spend).

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In conclusion, harnessing Amazon DSP for brand building provides a powerful opportunity to enhance brand awareness, engagement, and loyalty among target audiences. By utilizing its advanced targeting capabilities, diverse ad types, and strategic approach, advertisers can effectively reach and resonate with their desired customer base, driving long-term brand growth and success.

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