2 Types of Amazon DSP Campaign – Which is Right For You?


Unlike Sponsored Ads, Amazon DSP offers the flexibility to run campaigns that guide users to either Amazon or non-Amazon destinations.

If you’re guiding users to an Amazon destination, like a particular product detail page, you’re executing a link-in campaign. On the other hand, if you’re directing users to a non-Amazon destination, such as your brand’s website, you’re implementing a link-out campaign.

Now, let’s explore each Amazon DSP campaign type in depth:

Link-In Campaigns:

Amazon DSP Link In Campaign

Link-in campaigns can only be used by brands that sell goods or services on the Amazon platform. Advertisers can target the audience based on a wide variety of attributes and drive them to their Amazon product detail pages.

Here is a basic example of how a link-in campaign works:

  1. A customer visits an Amazon product page or a third-party website.

  2. The customer sees an ad for the candy.

  3. The customer clicks on the ad and is taken to the candy brand’s Amazon product page.

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Link-Out Campaigns:

Amazon DSP Link Out Campaign

Link-out campaigns are designed to drive traffic to external websites. They can be used to promote products that are not available on Amazon or to drive traffic to a brand’s website.

Here is an example of how a link-out campaign works:

  1. A customer is browsing travel accessories on a website.

  2. An ad is shown from a travel agency offering vacation packages or flight deals.

  3. The customer clicks on the ad and is directed to the travel agency’s website to explore and book travel services.

Final Thought on Two Different Types of Amazon DSP Campaigns

In summary, Amazon DSP offers two primary types of Amazon DSP campaigns: link-in campaigns, exclusively for brands selling on Amazon, which direct customers to product pages within the Amazon ecosystem; and link-out campaigns, used when a brand wants to direct traffic to an external website. Link-in campaigns are helpful to promote products sold on Amazon, while link-out campaigns allow advertisers to promote external products or services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different Ad types available in Amazon DSP Platform?

Amazon DSP ads offer various ad types, including streaming TV ads, online video ads, audio ads, and dynamic eCommerce ads. Advertisers can strategically allocate their ad spend and develop effective advertising strategies to maximize their impact on the Amazon platform. Check out our Amazon DSP Ad types guides to learn more about these ad formats and how to use them in creating effective advertising strategies.

Can we redirect users to off-Amazon websites with Sponsored Display ads?

No, that is where Amazon DSP’s link-out campaigns come in handy, allowing you to drive traffic to your off-Amazon websites and mobile apps.

Can I use video ads in Amazon DSP link-out campaigns?

Yes, Amazon DSP supports video ads alongside display ads, allowing you to engage users with different formats.

Can I track what happens after users click on my link-out ad?

Yes, you can use conversion tracking to see how many users complete desired actions on your website (e.g., sign-ups, purchases).

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