Amazon Advertising: Automated Budget Management


Managing your advertising budget is the most critical but overlooked aspect of Amazon advertising. Your daily budget controls how many times Amazon would serve your ads to its users. In a domain as competitive as Amazon advertising — this can make or break your advertising strategy. It is important to not overspend while also ensuring that you are spending enough to reap meaningful benefits.

Budget management is particularly complex because of its dynamic nature. There are a number of factors one needs to consider when adjusting their campaign daily budgets. For instance, you would want to cut-down your spending on campaigns which are performing poorly until you’ve diagnosed the reason for its poor performance. On the other hand, it is also important to double down on campaigns which are performing well. Similarly, it is critical to plan ahead and increase your budget ahead of special events and sales coming up on Amazon. In addition, it is possible some of your campaigns require additional budget on certain days of the week, or during certain months of the year because of the nature of the product you are selling.

As is evident, manually adjusting your budgets while taking into consideration all the above factors is a mammoth undertaking, particularly if you have a high number of products and campaigns. This is where budget rules come in. Budget rules is an upcoming feature which allows advertisers and sellers to set custom rules specifying when, and how they want their campaign budgets to change.

With Adbrew, you can now create budget rules based on schedules, performance, and upcoming events. The sample rule shown below would increase the budget of your campaign by 20% if the ACoS of that campaign exceeds 10% on weekends.

budget automation

You can also choose and plan ahead by opting to increase your campaign budgets from the list of upcoming events as shown below:

PPC automation

Once you’ve created your budget rules, you can associate them with multiple campaigns using our campaign manager. Adbrew allows you to create a rule once, and associate the same rule with multiple campaigns at once. This is something that Amazon does not support out-of-the-box as it requires advertisers to create a new rule for each campaign which is difficult to configure at scale.

Once you’ve enabled a rule for your campaign, the campaign manager displays the current active budget for those campaigns when the rule is in-effect.

Adbrew is one of the earliest adopters of budget rules and our customers are already seeing its benefits. One of our customers saw an ACoS reduction of 30% when they setup a rule that increased their budget on weekends by 20%. We strongly believe this is an indispensable tool for advertisers and those who adopt this early are bound to have an edge over their competitors.

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